Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another year, another day, another..

event, another drink, another.. I dunno, afternoon of feeling like there's plenty of time left for stuff until I realize there isn't.

Went along to a "do" last night. Sort of an intro/meeting/ er.. event or "do" if you like for some of Prague's artsy fartsy specifically to do with film and theatre people. Saw and spoke to a bunch of people I know, for about a minute, listened to some talkers, and left. Didn't change much but I thought I should go anyway.. so I did and well.. nothing much, as I already sort of communicated.

I was halfway determined to get out of this.. I dunno, place I am where I'm more than only just outside of all of this stuff going on where I'd like to be, or at least get going with my own creations, which are all up there, in my head where they've been for years now, always more being added but.. well other things got in the way. So I suppose tomorrow, the rest of my life, the next phase, the part where I finally get up and do all that I've been meaning too, everything I've always wanted and that needs to be done. After a good night's sleep.

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