Monday, October 29, 2007

It goes on...

Been an interesting weekend. I celebrated a birthday, (not mine) hung out, set my hand on fire (not too badly, so nothing to worry about) wore a gold thing for a friend who designs costumes and took tons and tons of photos.

Now it's Monday, and luckily for me it's all scriptwork all the time this week, so I will be going to my class without having to worry about the usual crap. I was planning on writing a post of substance today but I'm a bad little blogger and I'm too lazy.. I might think about doing it one of these days.. maybe. Or maybe not. I'll see.

So I'm just rambling on to remind people that I'm here and not going anywhere. Later.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The making of...

The Master at Work
Originally uploaded by erikland.
I was going to write something today, something great, something big. But the day is getting older and I just can't wrap my brain around it right now. So I'll present you with a photo. Of me. Me during the whole photographic process. Watch and learn how it's done.

Photo taken by Erik, recent visitor to Prague and fellow photo taking nerdy type.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The beast speaks

Seeing as I appear to be writing regularly again, I might bring back one of my old traditions..
the old Wednesday bible interpretation. This is where I pick a random bible verse and give a couple of explanations on what it just might mean. Please keep in mind that the interpretations are extremely liberal. And just in time for Halloween, today's is:

REV 13:11... "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he
had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon."

a) All of a sudden a strange beast came out of the ground, I was rather rattled because I'd been having a rather pleasant walk, and wasn't expecting it, but anyway, the creature was very strange and looked sort of like a sheep but not really because it had horns, and I've never seen a sheep with horns, and it spoke to me. Something rather awful it said, but I got the basic idea from it that you should be good and nice to people otherwise something terrible will happen and you'll end up having to spend time with these hideous beasts for all eternity.

b) And the BEAST came out of the EARTH and said something garbled through his dragonlike way of speaking, which certainly meant that GAYS and WANTON women and anyone who doesn't agree with everything that GOD says, which just so happens to be everything that I believe and want to believe, will burn in HELL. And have an awful time while there here on earth too.. and just in case I don't , it's ok for me, and in fact it's my DUTY to make sure they have a horrible time while they live.

c) I swear I'm not on drugs dude.. I really saw it!

Heavens.. I am really rusty.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome back.. if you're around

The internets seem to be warming up again. Some long lost bloggers who I had despaired of ever encountering again seem to be reappearing. I'm guessing it's the Northern winter, it's colder, the days are shorter, and people are staying in and hanging on the computer rather than going out into the world and having lives. It's great to see! It still remains to be seen if a certain someone who shall not be named will return with yet another incarnation of his blog that has self destructed and re-invented itself many times.. but we shall see.

I feel better too. Or at least I thought so. When I woke up I felt remarkably clear and I could open my eyes. I was coughing a little but compared to the previous stuffiness and glued-eyes syndrome it was nothing. Then I kept coughing and over the day developed a violent hacking cough that is really pissing me off. Oh well.. at least it spells the last days of my cold. By tomorrow I should be coughing a little less and should be well enough to not have an excuse to not go to my class, which I'm seriously considering not going to anymore, and to do other stuff that I've been using any excuse to avoid doing.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi there again..

So you folk out there, and I mean both of you, are probably wondering how I am these days? Perhaps you're not, but I will tell you anyway.

I'm sick. A bit bored. Dissatisfied with things, worried about a lot of stuff, feeling lonely and kind of empty. Apart from that everything's great.

I've been feeling slightly sick since last week, just before my performance. Luckily on the night of the performance I only had a sore throat and didn't start with the sniffles until the morning after, this went on for 2 days and this morning I woke up still sniffling, with a hollow throat, coughing, and my eyes glued together. It was rather unpleasant. I feel sort of better now, but I keep coughing and my throat is very sore.

I'm bored. Did I say that already, well I'm bored. Probably because I'm sitting here instead of going out doing things because I'm sick. I would have gone to class if I wasn't, but I kind of didn't want to go anyway, I'm having a hell of a time coming up with the activities and doors, rather, I'm not coming up with them at all, and now it's getting harder, the reasons have to be more specific and important and all that, I wasn't even coming up with stuff to make the old standards, so I'm just worrying about it. I might stop going. I don't know.

There isn't much else to say, since the playreading is over, and my friend who visited recently is gone, my life is pretty pointless.

Oh don't go worrying or anything, it's not that bad really, I just like grumbling. Grumble grumble.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back to reality

I don't know if I've written recently enough to tell anyone that I was going to be doing a playreading, an Irish play written by a woman living in Prague?

Well I've already done it. Last night. It was a reading, not a full production, but we kind of got carried away with it. Meaning there was a lot of rehearsal, it was fully blocked out, we more or less knew our lines, so other than the fact that we had the scripts, it was poorly blocked, not quite rehearsed enough or very well thought out, it was almost a full production.

I had kind of a problem with the whole "doesn't know what it wants to be" aspect of it. I mean if we were sitting down reading, it would be fine. If we rehearsed long enough to know our lines, movements and all the emotional shit inside out it would be fine (though I would have been panicking much more I think). But it was something in between. And being a reading the actual words are important, so we were discouraged from paraphrasing or improvising bits that we weren't sure about the words, and encouraged to read when we had to, but being very movement orientated, this was next to impossible in a lot of scenes.

We performed in a restaurant that has a cosy back room. An Italian restaurant actually, right by the pizza oven. We did 2 shows because the seating area was very small, and wouldn't fit all our friends, and other people that are involved in stuff like this.

The play is called Sacred Sow. It's about murder, incest, love, hate, friendship and international relations. Pretty much. I played 2 characters. Evelyn, the sister of the main dude Sean, who flirts with a Czech visitor, pretty much all she does, and Grainne, Sean's girlfriend/half sister who gets murdered by his mother. And comes back as a ghost. That's all I'm saying. I had different costumes for the 2 and had to run out and do a quick change, so people would actually get what was going on.

The performance went pretty well. At least I say that now. After the first run I really thought I hadn't done well and it had been much better in rehearsal. The second run was better in some ways and worse in others, and I left out a bunch of my text, but everyone afterwards told me how good I was, which is what they always say so it's basically meaningless, but now that I look back I think I did ok. And everyone else was good, it lifted things to a different level actually being there with an audience.

And that's it. Nothing going on now. Life is boring.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A photo from me

Seeing as I'm not writing much these days.

Church in the Evening

Monday, October 01, 2007

I should write something, really...

I've actually been doing stuff. I have a playreading I'm rehearsing, that is, not a full production of a play, but a sit down reading in a cafe somewhere, but we seem to be making a big thing of it, and there's a lot of work so I'm rehearsing for that a lot, I'm reading 2 roles for that.

And.. oh the class. That's 2 nights a week. And rehearsals for class, which is just practice for what we're doing, which I haven't been doing so much so it doesn't count. Hmmmmm.

And life. You know the usual. I've been...

Ok, so not much of that. Well, there's getting drunk with the dude here and other people I know, or rather getting drunk with him and sometimes other people who he knows, and getting up to all sorts.

Not that I get up to all sorts of course. Me! Ha. All sorts? Never. Just a few drinks here and there...