Monday, July 09, 2012

I appear to have a purpose.

Ah, the long weekend, planned to be so productive, so full of weird, wild and wacky situations, turned out to be a whole lot of sitting around here, doing what I usually do which is.. um.. *tries to think of what I usually do*

I typed up and rewrote a script. Well this was one I've had for a while but I finally rewrote it again and almost got the scene filmed but.. didn't. Met with the "company" talked about meeting again and really doing something this time! That second meeting didn't happen.

Oh well... I did attend a meeting for a real movie that is really going to be made and cleared up my "role" in that one a bit.. I put that in quotation marks because I don't mean it as literally a role, which one might think is what I would be doing on the set of a movie, seeing as acting is sorta what I do, and anything else on a film, not so much, but his time I'm crew. How it happened I'm not sure.. one of those, you know people, you work with them on one thing, it leads to being somewhere else and working on something else with them.. so it's kinda cool. It looks like this will be actually happening.. it's rather exciting really. I certainly am in the position to learn a lot but I know I can do this though it isn't without it's difficulty quotient.

Interesting to see how it will all turn out.

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