Sunday, April 29, 2018

a bit o' imagery

figure it out yourself, or don't crew again..

Monday, April 02, 2018


This will either be a boring post about the weather, or an equally boring post about my life, vaguely outlined using the weather as a metaphor, I will see. It is spring, technically and also sort of really. The days are longer promising to get warmer but don't necessarily really, bla bla bla. It promises to get warmer in the next few days. It's not rainig at all now, but it promises to rain. Probably drizzle, the drizzle continues and it never pours, this is the metaphor bit. You see, it was raining, but the pouring never came. Now it promises to not quite pour but, whatever I said in the last post about it raining slightly more substantially than a light shower. Is shower lighter or heavier than light rain, or drizzle? I think I asked that in the last post too. So that, it's sort of promising to do that, again, as it does every so often, and that ,combined with the actual climatical spring, promised or otherwise is giving me a sense of something resembling hope, which will likely come crahing down or at least sliding down when I sit down one day and realise 5 out of 5 and a half promises turned into nothing. Oh well, at least I have this brief moment without which I would be very glum for very long indeed. What I'd really like is more stuff, and better stuff, but sometime the dreams are less fun than they should be when I start actually counting on them happening and when they like, don't, it's a problem. It also makes the reality, stuff I do get much less exciting as it never equals the wild fantasies in my head, which are never really all that wild as, are really good things that are beyond happening to me, at the moment, at least in those quantities. Yeah that's it, the second one, boring combination piece, weather and metaphor for. Hope you got something out of that.