Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We're on.

So I'm doing it. What "it" is is still somewhat unclear. That's not true, I know what I'm doing I'm just not exactly polished on it yet. Well I still need to iron out some of the details and well, the job is the details so.. a lot o ironing to be done.

First day's shooting done. Today was, lucky for us a very hot day. And by lucky I mean, kind of fucked. I am sunburnt, and very tired from both the early start, well not early start early pick up but I did wake up early, and being out in the very hot sun.

It was good though. Not necessarily anything I did, not sure how use I was but my objective is to be somewhat of use in this production by some point in time that point being some time before shooting is done. The more and earlier the better, obvs.

And now I think I'll rest. Early start again tomorrow.

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