Monday, July 29, 2013

Something to write home about.

I always have things to write about, really, even when I don't have anything to say, I say it anyway. I do actually have a few things to say now, though I've forgotten most of them. I've been more busy than usual, actually doing stuff, working mostly but that's not what has kept me from jotting down characters in this here blog in a somewhat organized manner.. I just haven't.. wanted to, I guess.

So, I'm now working. It's been a while but I'm back in the ranks of the employed. Well sorta.. I kind of work for myself in a technical way, though not in an actual way.. although I guess that counts as employed.

It's been a few weeks I've been doing tours for real life people and to be honest I think I'm pretty fucking good at it. Maybe not the best, maybe not fantastic at every aspect, maybe I can still improve by doing more, and adding things, and implementing new ideas but, I'm alright at this. It would be nice to know this certainly though, because there are moments, you know.

We had our hottest day here on record yesterday, well.. the hottest day for like, ages anyway, which of course had to happen once I'm employed doing 2 plus hour walking tours around the city center, and yes, I did have tours yesterday, not tour, tours, one after the other, and although it wasn't as bad as the worst it could have been, and I did get through them just fine, it was.. well too hot for that.

So that's what I'm doing. Last time I bothered to write I had some auditions, castings int he near future well guess what.. they came to nothing surprise surprise. Well a student film but by this point I'd like there to be something else out there for me. And if it is one of them then a proper major role at least.. and maybe playing someone under 50.. especially when they're not going to bother putting aging makeup and not even mention that it's strange I'm playing someone so old.. while making such a comment about the main actor in the movie... well.. don't want to dwell on that. *grumbles about it*

Monday, July 08, 2013

So.. things..

Things people. Real things.

They are coming up. Got a couple of auditions, well one that I should go on for experience and to get used to being slightly more professional.. or rather a bit closer to professional.. let's just say, edge just a little bit further away from entirely unprofessional.. anyway, hope that'll do at least ok that I don't look like a complete chump. There's a casting for film school movies which I sometimes get cast in, and sometimes I don't so. .I'll see.

Oh and I'm starting work finally. I've been "training" for this company for ages and next weekend I'm finally starting the tours so that's something that will definitely be happening even if the other two events this week don't lead to anything further.

Yeah, I haven't been writing. I have been doing things, a bit. Was an evil guard/ front of house er.. person for  a production of a play about a future dystopia.. sort of. Went to Karlovy Vary for the film festival.. saw a couple of films but mostly hung around the city, being cold because it was freezing that weekend despite the calendar and.. well just more meetings and practice and tests to get to this point where I'm actually on the schedule for doing a tour although I haven't doen one yet.

I might write again, soonish. Then again might not.