Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These timelines.

So.. another May is over.. just now, and we'll be having a June soon. It's always interesting.. at this passing of the month, and by interesting I mean something that a very boring person who's nerdy about these particular things notices, for no particular reason, but I do think that this month has been a kinda significant one. Maybe. Probably all of them are, but this one has brought changes, mostly moving, we've now been in this place for a month, and I can't make up my mind whether it seems like it's been longer or shorter. I often feel that way about things. The rest has been a mix of good and bad.. from very far on one spectrum, to not very far at all on the other but I'll still say that interesting, non-negative which could in some way be construed as actually positive have occurred. Well maybe.

So yeah.. May's been alright. Today I woke up.. well woke up, didn't sleep much because of a splitting headache caused by like.. a beer and a half and felt crummy, but I got better and went to work and didn't have a tour and walked home and it looked like rain but it didn't. Exiciting? No. Particularly good? No. Enough to make up for all the shit I've been dealing with? Not close. The worst thing ever? Not really. I'm waiting for that.

Monday, May 30, 2011


I don't know. I just feel it.

I guess it's because I am. That would make sense.

*ponders it a bit*

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I did it!

That is, sorta. I once, long ago, promised you all, right here on this blog, that I would do something. Loudly, blatantly, and irreversibly. This was to ensure that something would get done, of course. So then I didn't do anything.. for a while.

Then I went and did the unexpected and I did it!

Except.. I fucked it up, and no one could see it. Haven't been able to work that out since.. and to my credit, or discredit, depending on how you look at it, my attempts to solve the problem have been half assed at best.

Well.. after almost a year, the old idea was brought out again, we decided to film attempt #2.. only this time we would do it properly, and no fiddling about with technology us mere mortals cannot understand would be required! And you know what.. last weekend we did it! We actually did it.. we went out and did something new, according to the old idea...

and can you fucking believe it I did the same fucking thing and filmed it on the tape that WE HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET CONVERTED TO SOMETHING WE CAN UPLOAD ONTO THE COMPUTER UP TO THIS TIME SO WHAT WAS THE POINT FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!

Well... there is no use crying over spilt milk.. so today, we went out again, this time I was careful to make sure all the right things we in place and we did it! Well an intro into the thing we're doing.

So now all I have to do is find a decent video editor, download it onto this new computer (o we got a new comp by the way, well not a new one a used one but one that I wasn't using before so it doesn't have all the software) and edit the video, not decide after watching it again that the quality is too bad or that it is indeed to cringeworthy to use, film the first bit (the bit that comes after the intro) and there you are. We're on our way!

At some point.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What did I do wrong?

It's always something negative.. always something that sucks, always something that sets me back, pisses me off, and lets me down. Never anything good.. never positive.. never uplifting or.. grrrr.. I mean accept for those few times when stuff that's a bit good or quite good or really good happens.. but.. but...

well fuck. Just heard something today that is one of those things that you know is going to bother you for a while.. like, it really pisses you off at first, you go over it in your head at night and for the next day it's always in the back of your mind, like no matter what else is going on, even if things are ok and you're enjoying yourself, you know there's something there that's bad.. and its spoils everything. Then the next day it bothers you less and after that you really don't think about it much but when it comes up again you stew for a minute.

It seems as though as soon as I get over one of these things, there's something else to cringe at.. this one is.. well a negative comment, and it's about work.. we've all.. and that's the people I work with and for, and myself are pretty convinced it's a personal thing because.. well it was stupid, the stuff they said about me was preposterous, and it was all due to a mixup at the beginning of the tour that wasn't even all my fault.. but still.. it pisses me off that they say these things.. like.. boring, and.. *hyperventilates a bit* bad acting.. *shudders*

the thing that fucks with me is that I always ask people to leave a nice comment somewhere, at the end of a tour, and most of the time people seem really pleased like they really enjoyed it.. and say.. oh sure I will.. and they don't. I haven't had one nice thing said about me once.. but this person.. who was bored or whatever.. just not into it, cared enough to write in and say this shit! I mean what's the fucking matter with people for fucks sake!!!!

I dunno. I wish just for once something slightly not sucky would happen. Even if stuff stayed neutral and the negative shit would stop happening. And neutral became being considerably richer, more successful, and more good stuff in general.. of course. Oh well.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday again..

They do seem to come around often, not as often as Mondays, but they do show up a fair bit. I can't really make as big a deal about Friday as normal people do.. I mean, never really having um.. worked. Well not never but close enough to never to casually call it never. I always felt a bit of the vibe off the regular folk when Friday came around however.. and since living with a person with a real job, it's been more important to me, but still.

Now I have a job. I work. Did I mention I'm a worker now? Hard worker.. almost like a real person. Well.. I work weekends! Not all weekends, but sometimes on the weekend and usually at least one of the days that incorporate the weekend, including Friday, seeing I work nights it kinda counts. This weekend was originally going to be the one weekend this month I had free, no tour Friday, none on Saturday.. and nothing at all on Sunday.

Then more scripts and more tours came along.. and there was training which always happens on the weekends.. and it turned out I had the test of this new tour on a Sat and Sun.. nooooooooooooo.. I screamed.. no fair!!!!

Then I realized it was for Friday and Saturday, which was slightly less noyin. Well now I'm working tomorrow night which is a slight improvement on losing (some of) my Saturday eve due to training/test because I at least get paid for this, but still.

I do however (as of writing) have Sunday free. Guess I can be holy and stuff.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something something..

Something moving..


if you like.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*yawns a bit*

This tour guiding thing makes me so tired.. for some reason. No idea why.. I mean, I finish by a reasonably decent hour, always by 11 and tonight I finished before 9.. I walk around the square, or wherever a bit, stopping a lot to tell a few stories, act a bit spooooky and.. hold an umbrella and lantern. That's about it.. so why the fuck do I feel like I've run a marathon and it's now 3am? Or at least walked a fair bit, possibly just over twice what I do for the tour, and it's just after midnight on a day that I got up somewhere around 9am... I don't know why. I was already a bit tired by the time I got to the underground.. the air there doesn't usually bother me but some night I just get dizzy from it.. lots of fun when I have 11 people to amuse and I barely know the new script I've been made to learn from it, fortunately it's all ghost stories so I can embellish a fair bit..

Perhaps it just the whole "doing something anything at all" bit of it that makes me tired. I'm not really all that used to that.

Monday, May 23, 2011

*splits sides*

Went to some comedy night last night. Sort of an amateur do... people get up and do their thing and we vote on who's best. I went mostly to catch up with some people and hopefully meet new people in the theater world here in Prague and that's mostly what I did. Had fun.. mostly for that rather than for the "comedy".. yes, we were pretty badly behaved and not so supportive of these, admittedly very brave souls who got up and did something that's pretty fucking frightening that I would never do.. and actually there were some good bits and overall they weren't bad, but... really.. the state of stand up comedy today.. something I know shit all about but will wax on at length about, is fucking pretty poor.. and it isn't the fault of these guys who are int he early days of what they're doing so might improve considerably.. for one.. but.. fuck, the same old shit, pick on the same subjects.. nothing new, nothing said in an interesting or funny way... for the most part.. and if you say.. um, that's fucked up, or that's not funny, or, you're not very good well everyone's like.. "omg you can't like have an opinion or anything arrrggghhhh.. don't take it personally"

well there was a small incident, some people at my table got up and told some dude on stage that what he said was sorta fucked up.. in a very mild way and took his beer.. I thought it was mildy amusing, not something I'd do but no big deal.. really..

well, we got told off at the table more than once.. one guy came up and said "you can't take these things personally".. and I, quite calmly, I think, though loudly because it was necessary to be heard, just said that.. actually, you can't demand that people have the reaction you say they have.. people can take it how they like.. and this guy immediately widened his eyes and started hyperventilating.. (ok exaggerating a little there but seriously.. quite close) and said.. jeez.. calm down, chill out.. omg female person saying something that isn't o you're so right dudely dude I'm so sorry can I suck your dick for you?".... and kept on with the I'm being totally crazy and angry by like.. saying something..

and I didn't even get "mad" at the "chill out" comment.. which was.. as you know.. a totally fucked up thing to say in any situation, and especially since I was actually more chill than his pathetic little offended ass was... I just made fun of it.. of him for being so stupid as to fucking say it.. I mean.. seriously.

Later some other dudes came to the table to tell the girl who'd got up off for laughing at somebody else and that they were watching her.. you know.. to try and get a "gotcha" moment.. looking all smug and whiny.. telling us very nasally how wrong we all were for like.. existing and stuff..

so.. yeah. It was quite fun. I should totally get up myself and do something (at least equally poor) next time.. but I won't. I'm too fucking scared to. So.. props to the people who got up to do something, there was some good shit in there.. just.. fucking deal with it when someone has a reaction to what you do.. that's all. Even girls get to have a say sometimes.. kay?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

*looks around*

Well.. I think we're still here.

Seems as though that whole "end o the world" thing was a bit premature.. yet again.

Either that or it was the Rapture... and I just haven't noticed all the true believers not being around anymore.. for what I have already described as obvs reasons.

And of course, there is also the possibility that the world really did end all those times it's been predicted, but someone, somewhere outside of our known universe, had all the data backed up on disc, and was able to upload the new, identical version of the world after it's destruction.. and we just carry on as we were, with nary a clue what's going on.. except for those who did the predicting, and still insist that the world ended... that is if the operator.. or whatever you wanted to call them, kept the copy updated, and the version we have was saved in the last nanosecond of the last earth's existence...

but of course, if it was only backed up 5 minutes, 5 hours.. or even 5 years before, we would just go back to where we were at that time.. losing a bit of data of course, but with nary a clue that...

well it might be.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Probably the best Scottish invention of them all...

The Rapture is supposed to happen this Saturday. It won't affect me much.. for obvious reasons. Well perhaps not obvious.. I mean, it should be obvious to anyone who's slightly paying attention that it will not affect me personally.. I will be going nowhere.. but neither will anyone in my near vicinity, probably.. so no looting for me, most likely..

well.. I will be in the Old Town Square.. waiting for a tour which probably won't happen, so I might position myself near any wealthy looking Tennesseans I can come across.. waiting for the wallets to drop...

of course if I do get a tour, wouldn't that be awesome to have a couple of people vaporize in the middle of it.. might not be the best advert for most tours.. but we're ghosty so..

of course, it could be all made up.

A vain attempt...

Well here's a photo that I'm going to ask you to comment on so I look seriously silly when inevitably the very few commenters I ever get stay away in droves and leave a particularly conspicuous look "0" after the post... but what the hell.. if you wanna comment go ahead no obligation.. yadda yadda yadda..


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The fun thing about having no internet..

Ok, there's no fun thing about having no internet.. there's nothing either neutral about having no internet, it's pure hell and nothing less.. but the fun thing about having no internet.. that is, having to go other places other than your home to get online is.. well nothing it sucks, totally completely and absolutely, but the fun thing about it is, the other people. And the other stuff. And the way you can write about them while you're there and they're chatting away or there's a song from the 80s.. the Power Of Love I believe on the radio.. but the Czech version. Yes, there's a Czech version.. there are Czech versions of a lot of pop songs.. and there's a radio station that plays a lot of them, and the pub downstairs in my building has that one playing all the time. So there you go. Fun.

Earlier on I was in a cafe, in the centre, a reasonably swanky place and 2 dudes came in, and one was very clever, very clever indeed, or so he believed and he talked on and on and on about clever stuff.. as the other guy siid.. yes, oh you're so right.. that sort of thing. hmm.. and aha.. etc.. I found it amusing, so I wrote about it in another capacity.. RIGHT WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE.

See.. fun. Ok so I'm easily amused. Sue me.

Oh and getting online in pubs makes it necessary to drink beer.. you may not have noticed that already..


No change, so why am I writing?

Things are much the same as I mentioned last time I wrote. Actually things aren't bad. I spent almost 2 days without even the computer.. nevermind the internet because of the other person who sorta shares the computer, or thinks he does.. as far as I'm concerned it's mine.. I've been working for fuck all or very close to for.. oh nevermind.. well.. more of that sort of thing to grumble about.

Had no tour yesterday, nothing at home to amuse me and I wandered the square for a few hours aimlessly... it was kind of fun actually. Now I'm online.. obvs but..

I don't know why I'm writing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Living in the dark ages...

omg I'm so behind... having no internet is really screwing me up... you have no idea! Well perhaps you've had to deal with the horror that is no internet yourselves.. so you know.

Well... done stuff.. did that video thing, worked, showed up for work, standing behind a bunch of horses that usually stand in the square but were standing right in front of us instead because of events.. that is a 3rd place game for the World Hockey Championships.. believe me, 3rd place matters when you're playing the Russians.. oh and they won, the Czechs, that is, 3rd place.. beating the Russians.. so that was fun. There was a fight which I missed, but I got to see the line of police, right where we stand, behind us, so my colleague was standing behind a line of horses, in front of a line of cops... no tour there either. I stood in for another college later and well.. after standing there, behind horses, but no cops by this time.. I went home.

Why do I even bother writing.. well that's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened. Spending too much going to places with wifi just to get online and not getting nearly everything I have to do done, because I must drink beer in those places of course.. oh and.. shit that sucks still will not go away.. internet still not back.. same old same old.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

On set.

Just signing in from on set. *gets all pretentious and stuff* Doing this video thing.. hard to explain, it's a video thing.. anyway its interesting, and the best thing about it is we get to hang around on set in a place that's got wifi.. so.. you can imagine with my current dire circumstances this is very good..

and there's pastries and stuff. I should be studying this script.. not the one for this but one for work, for a test I'm doing this evening, so I'll get offline and do that, while I have the chance.

*gets offline and does that*

ok, in a second..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Enough already!

I'm getting really tired of this "stuff sucking" bullshit.. it's wearing me down, stressing me out, making me a grumpy little grumpypants who is no fun to be around at all. How about say.. things stop sucking.. you know.. no new sucky things.. the stuff that sucks now stop sucking and perhaps something good happen even?

I'd quite like that.


got no internet.

Well.. have now... but none at home.

Guess I should like.. pay... *shudders at thought*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I hate to whine but.


Every little fucking thing has to be so fucking difficult! And yeah, it is little things. Well one thing is a big thing.. some ridiculous debt that some fucking company insists I owe which is a total mistake but they will not own it.. and who fucking knows what will come of it.. but whatever.. I'm here to talk about little things, insignificant things.. things that don't matter and it's a waste of breath and or finger strength to pay attention to..

Ok so I tried to get a monthly pass for public transport right? I stupidly thought I'd just go to the window where they sell them and get it but no.. she says.. o you can't get one if you don't already have one you have to get this bla bla bla for (much bigger price) and moved away from the window.. so I get her attention then.. and ask "so how do I get a new open card?" so she says oh up there you can get the form and vaguely points and gives me a little piece of paper. The little piece of paper has a street which I don't know although I know this area very well.. and some instructions.. so I walk up, and left.. and then.. well.. I walk across the crosswalk.. go around and sure enough no such street exists n the area..

well.. I was sorta on the way to work but I had plenty of time so I walk in that general direction and go to another metro station. I wait for other people in the line, the last one taking ages because she's getting her card recharged.. and then I look at my phone and I stress out because I think that I like.. need to be at the office now! So I run out, up out of the metro.. first I quickly get a ticket and go to jump on the tram but I'm on the wrong side and I say fuck it.. and just run. Then I look at the phone again and realize I have an hour.

Feeling sheepish, I go back into the metro. Fortunately there's no one there, and I ask the woman if I can get a new monthly card.. and she says they don't do it there and names the 3 metros which do it. Thank you.. at least she told me.. now why the first woman couldn't tell me that.. I don't know.

So I go to Mustek.. I go into the metro and don't see any window for such a thing. So I go to the other entrance and walk up to the ticket window.. wait for another person.. and ask.. she says.. oh we don't do it here you have to do it at Mustek B... so I ask.. um, how do I get there.. and she says go through into the metro to the B line. Oh.. well fuck. Now they expect you to buy a ticket to get into the metro to buy a monthly pass? Fuck em.. didn't have time anyway had to go to work.

See what I mean? Buying a fucking ticket so I can be a responsible paying citizen.. fuck em fuck em. Well at least the tour went ok.. nice people, only 2 and it was actually kind of fun.

Then I got home and the internet totally wouldn't work. Still doesn't. Life is so fucking hard.

Monday, May 09, 2011

You thought you were so clever didn't you?

Finally got us all keys today. Yes, I've been living here for over a week but we've been using this master key thingy... one between 2 of us. It's worked out.. because I sorta work near where he works and usually start when he finishes so we've managed.. but still, grown up people have as many keys as there are people in their domicile.. as the kids, I've been repeatedly told, wouldn't be caught dead saying today. And well.. we're nothing if not grown up, which pretty much makes us nothing but we can at least have a key each ffs!

So yeah.. it's not just a matter of getting a key cut, they're this weird newfangled security key thingy, and we had one, but the landlord came in like the day after we moved in to fix up some lights while we were out and used the wrong one and somehow.. no idea how this work, he reset the key, so the only key we had to this flat was the master key.

We were still moving stuff at the time, and Erik has work and I had tours so we couldn't really let him have the key to go get our ones done, so he kept it with us.. and we shared the key etc etc as has been hashed out earlier. Was busy, time went by, then was lazy, this place of course had to be somewhere a bit impractical to get to so I didn't bother for a few days.

so I went today. Looked up the place on the map, was armed with my little bag with keys and card and instructions. Well of course it's never that simple.. went to the metro and then to the tram stop.. got to the street without too much trouble but then.. well I had no idea where to go. I walked down the street and no fucking numbers.. just a lot of residential buildings and stuff being built... so I walked back, then I saw a sign for this place so I thought cool... and arrows, but I followed the arrows and obvs went past because I went too far, then I went back and there was an arrow pointing to a fence around a complex.. so I kept wandering back and forth til I saw a cornered arrow so I go around the corner..

well anyway.. I'm already bored with this, so it was in some huge complex.. sort of in the middle of nowhere so I walked around and around this dirt road.. and well my issue is that though I'd been given the address.. the place was actually NO WHERE NEAR THE FUCKING ROAD I WAS LOOKING FOR! I mean the arrows were on that road, but still.. at least tell me.

So.. I go in, show them the stuff saying do this all the info should be there and the guy asks me if I want it like this one or something else and I'm like, I don't fucking know, I need a key like this, so he cuts me 2 master keys. I think. I dunno.. they work so that's good, but if it's a problem I'm not going back there to get the proper ones, fuck that and stuff.

I mean it wasn't that bad.. but really, what's wrong with regular fucking keys that don't fuck up if someone puts another key in the door, which you can get cut anywhere, and real cheap? They seem to work don't they?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Weekends are good.

They're especially good when you don't have to actually you know.. work, or do tons of other stuff on the days that are allocated as weekends for the general population.. as I had to yesterday *makes frowny face*

I know.. waaaa.. lots of people work on the weekends, and I do precious little the rest of the week.. but I kind of like the deal where you do precious little if anything most of the week ie "the working week", but without the headaches that come along with not actually doing a whole lot but having a few stresses about it all the same oh shit it's a long story just go with me here.. and actually making really good money for it... it being, not much at all, with no related stresses..

and still getting a weekend, that is not working Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.. and getting a few weeks holiday on top of that.. where you somehow get miraculously paid anyway..

is it too much to ask? Yeah.. I spose. Anyway.. one thing I did yesterday was quite relaxing and an artistic thing so I should be well pleased with that.. and my tour went well.. and by well I mean considering I had someone translating all through it, and those people took off before the end of the tour, someone else making notes, a guy who just had a glazed over totally bored look on the face who came across someone he knew so stopped us even though I was running a bit late.. and the owner followed the tour to see how I'm getting on... it went ok. At least she thought so and that's the main thing. So that's good. I can halfway relax for a while.. until I have another 3 hour tour, the Castle tour which I'm still new at and a bit rusty on the material which is Tuesday but you know the life of us workers is a constant grind. Long after regular folk have gone home from their work.. and on weekends even.. I'm out there, walking over hills, taking people into dangerous and haunted places.. but I don't complain, it's just what I do.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Settling in, doing stuff, not doing other stuff.

Getting used to this living in this new place thing, still a bit of a shambles but ya know... it gets better.

Doing a fair bit of stuff which in my case is "anything at all", involved with some interesting video thing, which I went to a rehearsal for this morning. Still working, studying new scripts (or meant to be) and doing tests for the new scripts.

And speaking of video stuff, and scripts, and doing stuff well more the not doing stuff.. what about all the stuff I said I'd do? Oh.. you probably don't know what I'm talking about.. well there was all this stuff I said I'd do. More acting.. get myself out there bla bla bla, make my own movies, videos, write stuff for movies, videos, etc etc etc. I kinda sorta planned for this month to be a big doing that sort of stuff month, or rather the point where I start getting serious and sit down every day and write something, or film something, and make a list of casting agencies and well a lot of stuff I haven't done. The moving got in the way, yes.. and I sort of forgot about it all but really.. Tuesday that was all done and though there is a lot to be sorted out and cleaned in here, I really haven't been doing so much of that either.

So.. at some point I plan to do all that stuff, give myself a schedule so I stick to it, or something like that. Soon I hope. I hope but don't expect. I probably should at least aspire to doing it properly.. if nothing else.

Friday, May 06, 2011

It's always something..

There I was, yesterday morning, leisurely getting up at whatever time I dann well wanted, which as pretty early come to think of it but that's not important, without a single scheduled lug up the stairs, have myself a coffee, mess around on the internet.. decide I'm a bit thirsty so I go to pour some water and...


Kept trying.. but nothing, after an hour, tried, but nothihng. Suddenly I was really really thirsty. Fun.

A real fun fucking day... it will go down on the annals of history as the (about 4 or 5 hours out of) day there was no water in (some parts of) Vršovice and possibly Vinohrady.

And I don't mean something piddly like no hot water, I mean no water running at all! No way to make another coffee, to have a drink of water, or even rinse an apple or anything! And of course I was thirsty, needed a shower and didn't have any food that could be consumed without being boiled. Yes, that bad. It was so bad I had to go downstairs to the pub, where they were keeping afloat by bringing in water from a truck outside.

So then I came back and it was on.. um.. ok so it doesn't seem all that traumatic now. Still.. I didn't really need it at the time.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

kay so it's done

Hand over of keys has happened. All the last fiddly bits with bills and whatnot done. Last few awkwardly shaped things brought home on 2 trams, lugged up 4 flights etc etc etc...


Relatively painless it was. Actually I'd go so far as to boldly claim it was painless without any preceding adjectives. Kind of fun even. Well not the actual doing stuff bits but the being silly on trams and loudly making bad jokes while people sitting there alone look at us with the "you're being annoying but I'm way too polite to show it" kind of thing.

And I'm home. All stuff here. All over the place but all here. Now to put stuff in whatever place they're going to be going and er.. clean up this damn mess :Z

Don't mind really...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It "literally" will not end.

Ok, today. Woke up, but didn't get up, tho I wanted to do an early trip to move stuff.. just lay in bed listening to a dude get pissed off trying to find a belt that later turned out to be still in the other flat.

Got up.. milled around a bit, then set off, walked in rain across the park. Get to flat, take some heavy/awkward things, wait at tram stop in rain, run to other tram, get home, walk up 4 flights of stairs, realize I don't have front door key for this flat, it was separate from all the others and I left it in my regular bag which I didn't being. Go back to other flat, start cleaning, try to call dude who has stuff at the flat to get it. Finally get through to dude, keep cleaning, dude comes, doesn't want to take stuff, grumbles and whines, make some plan for later. Go back to flat with key.. come up, bring in stuff plus stuff that was by the door, check bank.. call dude, make plans to meet at other flat, go to other flat.... get together other stuff, awkward things that aren't carried easily.. call dude who isn't anywhere near and isn't going to be any time soon so go back home with stuff.

Let dude in like a minute after I've climbed the stairs.. missing opportunity to have someone help with awkward and heavy stuff up the stairs.. eat food dude got, shower, watch people at tram stop while showering... this bit is actually the most pleasant one of the day.

Run around getting crazy like a frazzled person because everything is in a complete mess and I can't find my clothes for work, or hair dryer and I need it because my hair will not dry before I need to go and it's freezing, though not raining anymore.

Get out of here.. get to tram stop to meet other dude to give key.. he's a bit late, have some other silly issue which results in me being late at the office.. rush to office, change, get lantern etc etc and go down to the Orloj.

People for tour.. a 3 hour tour.. thought maybe no one would come because it had been raining and it was freezing.. in fact I was hoping it, but I got 6 people, all one family.

It was alright.. nothing to write home about or indeed on a blog about, but not a disaster, and it was my first one of these tours so.. whatev.

Get at tram stop as my tram just leaves, despite being a frequently running tram it's just over 10 minutes before another one comes, is slightly peeves, and very cold. Get on tram along with many people including guy with guitar who sits and proceeds to play. Listen to music all the way long, and have Elvis song in my head played by some guy and random passengers on a tram all night.

Get home.. eat, relax do normal boring stuff, go to bed in enough time (hopefully) to get up early for handover of keys and last trip back with stuff..

and that's it.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Post post move...

I'm looking forward to the after post move.. or the post final move.. or whatever you want to call the bit when you've finally for once and for all cut the thread between myself and the old place. Mostly.. when every last thing is finally brought over here..

You know 2 of the best things in the world? Well.. one of them is an elevator.. one of those would be awesome. Another would be.. well it's not so much a thing as a.. concept, a state of being.. and it is, one single tram between 2 spots.. ie, the old place and the (now, moved in and everything) current place. With those 2 things.. life would be so much easier. Also.. a car, or a good friend with a car who's available, and some people willing to do all the carrying up and down stairs, (particularly in the new flat, barring excellent thing #1, the elevator).

Mostly it's all ok. We've moved all the heavy stuff. Got a groovy couch for free.. and a washing machine for cheap, which was taken up the stairs by some very kind elves.. but there's still so much stuff! And this stuff needs to be taken on 2 trams.. and sometimes you have to walk around the corner from one tram to another which is really annoying when you're carrying heavy and/or awkward stuff. If we do the moves in the evening, all of them are those annoying around the corner transfers, and.. the trams are less frequent.

Still more tomorrow.. and the final meeting to hand over the keys on Wed morn.. which in itself I'm ill looking forward to. And the place could well use a clean.. and I have like other stuff to do... some can be avoided or postponed but my very first Castle tour.. well.. that's another story..

Can't it just be Wednesday (after about 10 or whatever) already?

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy May!

A new month, new place, new.. well, most other stuff is much the same. Oh.. I'm participating in a video project thingy.. it's small but it's something. And I'll be making another movie er... some time.

So I've moved. Sort of, spent last night in the new place and the kitty is there. still have stuff at the old, quite a bit actually so still shifting stuff over. And then of course there's putting everything in the places they're to go.. instead of just having stuff all over the place. On the one hand, we don't really have so much stuff.. furniture wise anyway.. so it won't be so much work. On the other hand, we don't really have so much furniture.. so it'll be a bit empty, and the stuff.. well, it'll just have to be put.. around. It'll be ok though.. the place is so much nicer than this one and it's been a super dump here for the last week or so as we've been moving things around and getting ready to move it all.. yeah I'm at the old place right now, packing some last few (well lots actually) things and the comp is here so I'm using it.. as I should be packing, actually.

*goes and packs*

um.. I will. I kind of wish we were past this bit already...