Friday, December 21, 2012

Any second now.

The world is supposed to be (was supposed to, will) ending (end, change immeasureably, stop supporting life) today. Something the Mayans said. The world will stop working, or change in a way that life is unrecognizable from what it was, or change in such a way as we humans will not continue to exist on it anymore, or turn the page on a new era.. one of.. I dunno enlightenment or something. Or maybe it'll change in a way that will not even be noticed by the population of today's earth.. except for maybe one person, living in the hills somewhere. Maybe that's already happened. I'm pretty sure none of the other things have, yet. There's still some hours of 21/12/12 left in most of the world's time zones, so I'm not completely ruling out any of the noticeable things happening, although.. except that I'm about as sure this prophecy means exactly nothing as I am sure that there are no purple elephants on the moon.. which is pretty damn sure, but still. I'm under the impression that some people believe there was some kind of cutoff.. some time, in some time zone somewhere, when this was all supposed to happen by.. and that's already gone by, so maybe we're past the danger. I can't be sure though.. except for that, I consider the likelihood of whatever it is that's supposed to happen happening to be about as likely as... well I might have already mentioned. Anyway.. if I'm still here tomorrow, I'll post again. If not, well, so long farewell.. auf wiedersehen and ciao. Have a fun night. I'll try to drink a bit.

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