Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I might just have outweirded my previous self..

It's going to be a tough decision to pick a single strangest thing I've done, a weirdest situation I've been in on the set of this movie, but standing in a crypt at 2am alone, in a pretty dress and white powder in my hair is definitely going to crack the top 10.

Yeah.. I did that. I'd give more details but that'd be giving away stuff wouldn't it?

So we were in the cemetery all night. Not the first group of people to do that, or indeed the first film crew.. so, big deal. Filmed some scenes with the scooby gang which I will be using from now on about someone(s) to refer to particular situations, which I won't explain further either, if I remember to, which I probably won't.

Ruh roh... well, didn't see any ghosts but I'm not really sensitive to that sort of thing. I was feeling rather tough and brave standing in that crypt for a couple of takes, not feeling the slightest bit nervous.. scoffing at the others who didn't want to do this little bit because of an uneasiness with the location.. and then, I stepped on something, a pile of dirt or something equally innocuous, and I was out of there like... well someone creeped out. So there you go.

Still 3 days of shooting left to go, well 4 if you include our day off which might/will be used for filming some make up shots with a "skeleton crew" of volunteers which I may have inadvertantly agreed to join.. but we're nearly there.


moshmangus said...

So do you enjoy that new film experience at all?

Michelle said...

well... how can I not enjoy something that's so weird? of course, it's incredibly vexing a lot of the time as well.