Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Changes, as usual.

I've moved again, or rather, I've moved quite recently, as "again" might not mean anything to those who don't know my recent history. In short, I moved out of a long-ish term home last May, not for good reasons and not entirely voluntarily. It sucked.

I moved into a very temporary and not at all adequate situation, for just under a month. Below my standards as this place was, I still ended up having to move before I voluntarily chose to. That pretty much sucked.

 The next phase was a series of very temporary nights here and there and not really having a home to speak of which you can probably guess, sucked quite badly.

One of these places turned into a more permanent temporary residence, small, noisy and infected with bugs, but a huge improvement on everything else so far. I got kind of settled, and was happy enough/couldn't be bothered to not - stay there, and probably would have, if some shit, not unrelated to the bug situation, which we were the biggest victims of, which they'd ignored up to that point, hadn't gone down.

Again, we had to move, very quickly. Well quickly-ish. Due to an almost comical series of possibilities falling through, one after the other in the whole few days we had after we bothered to deal with this situation, we had to haul ass around town with all our shit really quickly when something came through at the exact last second, twice, because one was for the stuff and one was for our room. All while being rushed to get our stuff out and not finding a car service willing to take it all and finally moving into a room on the 3rd floor which is somehow 7 flights of stairs which all have a bunch of dudes standing around watching everything. Needless to say, that really really fucking sucked.

So I've moved again. I think I'm stuck here for a while because I just don't want to deal with all that again. The place is basic, with a lot of dodgy neighbours, and our room is pretty much empty, which sucks, but honestly not that bad.