Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where We Were

Jerusalem Old City..

Israel. Jerusalem. Old City.


Ronald said...

Great pic, so full of character and interest. But then, it's old, and everyone knows, "old" is great. Not that I'm biased.

Ronald said...

I commented on this, your latest post, first. No problem, comment went through and was posted immediately. Then I back-tracked to read and comment on other posts, but guess what? Comment moderation raised its head! What the fuck is wrong with Blogger? Scuse the rant!

Ronald said...

And would you believe, that comment went through as sweet as a nut, without moderator intervention (and no doubt this one will too).

Sorry, I obviously need a life :-)

Michelle said...

yeah, not sure how that moderation thing works.. possibly because for the first one you were a first time commenter.. for a while anyway, and after that you were a regular, maybe. I just have it turned on because otherwise I get nothing but spam. I wouldn't mind getting 2 or 3 spam comments a week if it wasn't 80% of all of them..