Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back Underground.

It's been a while since I took some very old or at least old looking stone steps down into a dark and  evil looking cellar to.. well, for any reason, but I did that today.

I kind of miss the ole Underground.. that which is underneath the Old Town Hall, with the dungeons and torture chambers, but you know, don't do that anymore.. not er.. you know, the tours. Anyway...

today as I was walking down some similar stone steps to a pub beer cellar.. yeah, not as exotic, it felt familiar. That is because it is not entirely unlike those that I used to walk down 2 to 5 times a week for a tour.. in case  you needed it spelled out.

It was dressed up as a crypt, in this instance.. And I gotta say, as far as I know crypts, which is pretty much nil, it looked and seemed pretty crypty. For the film, of course. We were shooting there all day, and once again, the air was not the best, and a lot of hacking and coughing going on.. just a day after the director wanted us to line up to get our photos taken for a magic doctor who can tell what's wrong with you from our face.. after being int he filthy attic for 3 days. I seem to have escaped the worst, but I did need to cough loudly after the cut more than once.

We started early, and finished late, and tomorrow will be the same, at least the start early part.. and I'm very hungry and very tired, so I should go and do something about at least one of those things.

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