Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of an era..

Well.. it's the last day in the ole place.. *sheds tear*.

I've had such wonderful times here.. and soon, it will be time to say the final goodbye, as we close the door on this chapter of our life..

well.. I mean, it's the last major day of moving sorta, technical moving day is tomorrow, and we hand the keys back on Wednesday, and as we've, strangely enough after all, got tons of stuff to move, though not much furniture, all on trams and walking, we might be coming back and forth for a few days still.

And the place is a dump actually... to be perfectly honest.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a pic..

Tea house kitty..

if anyone is out there you can caption it.. if you like..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Waiting for people to show up, for people to reply, for the opportunity to do all the millions of things I need to do..

mostly I'm just being lazy. A few days from now I'll be resembling a type of fowl that o longer retains it's head.. but right now.. I'm just..

I should do something..

Monday, April 25, 2011


It had to go and rain!

*grumbles and stuff*

and I had such good ideas to.. *rethinks stuff*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

All at once.. as usual.

Lots o stuff at the moment. Well for me.. yeah I always say that but it's true, normal people would consider this a slow week but for me.. etc etc etc..

Moving soon, so the place is a complete mess right now.. a total shambles, which is slightly annoying but I'm glad about being in a nice shiny new place soon.. not so much about the this bit, the moving bit, the being in the new place before everything is set up.. and in fact before we have much stuff bit, but if we could fast forward to the day when we have a perfectly furnished and decorated domicile, that would be cool. Actually started moving.. sorta, because we can. I find that cool.

Oh it's Easter.. Easter Sunday that is.. so I decorated eggs and stuff.. and the usual.. you know.. nothing else actually, except for posing for a photo in my ghost hunter's uniform for the website.. to go with my bio.. *gets all embarrassed at how cheesy it all is and stuff*.. kind of noyin to have to go in on a weekend again.. when I'm not actually working again, and for this weekend, a long weekend aga.. er.. well yeah, but it was ok, we incorporated a walk into it all and had a pleasant day.

There isn't much else really. I always make such a big deal out of having a few things to do. Have a happy easter all.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The things we get.. the things we are.. er.. things.

Jeez.. the things we get ourselves into by being associated with certain people and the things we are involved in with said people that we never had any idea would cause all of these problems and by the time they did we were in too deep and now we've just got to fucking deal with it even though it's not my fault and it's not fucking fair!


ok.. to be honest, I am at fault, in very small, miniscule, tiny ways. Ok more than that but the bullshit I have to deal with is disproproportionate, imho. I just don't know what to do. I could ignore it but that's not going to help things and will probably just make it all worse.

*goes ahead and ignores it*

Pollen and bunnies and.. flat bread and stuff...

It's a week o holidays it is! Well... much of the world is celebrating the suffering and dying of their saviour on the cross today.. I know.. bo-ring! But.. it does bring later on.. (during that whole.. commemoration of him rising all that nicer but still boring stuff) chocolate and bunnies and for those of us in this part of the world.. whipping and throwing water on people.. so it's ok..

It's also Passover.. which is a Jewish holiday, basically.. we were enslaved in Europe then we were freed and we left and went to what is now the holy land.. awesome, let's eat! There's also a reading and something vaguely theatrical.. (correct me if I'm bumbling pathetically here).

Oh and Saturday (tomorrow) is children's day in Turkey. According to my source, Turkey is the first country ever to celebrate children's day! I actually don't know of any other country who does.. so they might still be the only one, I should google it but whatev.. they're definitely the first.

So happy those things, any other holidays there might be, various birthdays and name days happening today, lovely spring weather, beautiful autumn or the fact that you live in one of those places that's just warm all year. And anything I left out.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

what's goin on 'ere then?


You can try to figure it out yourself if you like..


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oh for goodness sake!

got all this official important stuff to do.. renewal of important docs.. a passport in fact. It's annoying at the best of times and well. this isn't the best of times. I'd grumble excessively and exaggerate wildly and say that it's a complete catastrophe but it's probably a situation that's averagely difficult given the territory.. I mean, it's happening to me and it's happening now so it seems like everything is going wrong and holding things up and being so much more difficult than it has to be.. but.. ok yeah. Well ok.. it's not going completely smoothly.. I mean, the fucking photos.. they have so many fucking specifications and the first bunch I did were wrong.. I got more, was more careful about it and these ones.. don't know if they're right.. of course these offices are open only 2 hours on a Tuesday so.. alright they're open most day a week but of course I need to wait til tomorrow to go back again.

So of course I had to go and drink excessively.. I mean it wasn't my fault.. I had to meet iwht someone and I had to have some drinks with him, and then another friend cane and we had to have more drinks.. and then we went somewhere else and I felt like continuing so I had to have more drinks.. and then I had work so I.. stopped.. of course... well before I was anything nearing drunk.. obvs..


I didn't do that.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

You keep promising...

Lately, I've been getting this announcement on the top of my gmail page.. telling me that coming soon are better ads in gmail! Of course it's in bold and exclaiming it much more enthusiastically than I did. I'm rather intrigued.. it's been coming up for a while and I'm wondering where these new, better ads are. When are they coming then? What exactly does better ads entail? And what does it mean that now, we.. that is those of us using gmail, or in fact anyone anywhere using any type of media is getting ads for ads? Even if they're better ads?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

the Saturday thing..

funny how I keep doing the same thing of a Saturday.. I was training then I was testing, but basically it's go up to the castle, or thereabouts.. walk around chatting, do a bit of a story that we have the scripts for here and there, and listen to others do theirs.. oh and stop in the monastery brewery.. *burps*. This was the final test.. and we, the last 3 left with this training, did some of the stories at random, knowing them between quite well and not very well at all but we're all on the tour it seems. So anyway.. yeah. Not much else to say really.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

welcome to our.. spooky.. tour...

bwaaa hahahahahahahaha...

so.. doin spooky tour tonight.. in about an hour an a bit.. telling people all about these orbs they're gonna catch and stuff...

*sighs* bloody spring.. and summer.. jeez.. whatever happened to those days that the sun went down at 4pm? *pines*

oh well.. gotta do it.. come up with some excuse for the whole "broad fucking daylight" thing..

hey, they know what time the tour is.

Monday, April 11, 2011

There's got to be something I'm missing.

I feel as though I should be doing something, or need to go somewhere soon... but I don't really, no work for a couple of days and nothing to study. There are things that need doing, but those need to be done.. well ok they need to be done, but nothing I can get done right now.

Got a new place! I may have mentioned that.. good area.. quite spacious, no furniture really but we'll manage somehow.. but at least there's no more looking. Now it's just, trying to figure out how we'll furnish it.. then packing then moving.. jeez...

I'm sure there's something else I should be doing..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I reckon I passed..

I had a test yesterday. I should call it a "test".. partly because if you were here and I was speaking to you I'd have fun airquoting that word in a particularly pretentious manner. And partly because.. ok, so I had a test for another tour that I've been training to do with the company I'm working for. A 3 hour tour... (a 3 hour tour) well.. I've been learning it over the lats week, actually going over it, some bits I knew, some I needed to pretty much learn completely because we rushed through training it all, but I didn't just leave it all to the last minute like usually.. not really, and I reckon I knew it pretty well.. still, annoying to have to do a test again.. and have it on a Saturday again..

so I showed up.. wrong spot but let's not get into that.. and we went through some of the stories, people volunteered to say certain bits and I.. if I may say so myself, seemed to do the bulk of them.. and again.. iimssm.. rocked them pretty awesomely.. well.. we didn't do all of them.. we found ourselves short of time after having a beer and some lunch in St Norbert's monastic brewery.. and then getting into a major Prague landmark for free due to the ingenuity of one of our members so..

yeah.. nice day out really. And I passed.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

dammit! if I only hadn't expired 6 years ago!!

I would totally be all over this like a rash.. that is if he didn't think I was too fat...

If you’re reasonably tall (5’6-6’, no more than that because, while I don’t mind being eye to eye with you, I won’t ever be looking up to you), you’re passionate and intelligent so as to be good company, sexually liberated, and attractive - really attractive, fat chics need not apply (hehe, I’m so self-amusing). Capable of holding a steady job but without making it your #1 priority - since it could interfere with our sexual activities. Family oriented but not anytime soon, rather when you are 30+ at least, open to spontaneous sexual activities (you know, outdoors sex, the odd 3-some with a cutie we pick up somewhere or one of your girlfriends), likes the outdoors (nudity optional), and doesn’t complain when I go fishing with the guys.

Must be ready to have children only after 30 and proving yourself to be a faithful wife and a loving woman, prepared for the duties of a good mother, have class and know when it’s time to speak up and when it’s NOT the time to do so, instead of a stuck-up naggy b!tch who can’t shut up, sociable, know how to please the sexual drive of your partner (little things such as giving me a call when you’ve gotten a new set of sexy lingerie to surprise me), and know that gifts are little treats and rewards, and not a never-ending desire to be pampered.

If you can accept that I’m responsible for taking charge and my decisions will be final, don’t take yourself too seriously and thinks the world of me. You must be under 31 (that’s the expiration date for most women anyway), and have good spending habits, no ridiculous credit card debts and a sense of home economy; I’m not planning on changing my excellent lifestyle, and I plant to eventually be able to give my children an excellent education - and that’s not possible without good savings and planning. This will also help teaching them to earn their own achievements, respect their parents, and not be spoiled brats. You should also understand that pets are simple money pits that only serve as something lonely women occupy themselves with so that they don’t have to connect with their husbands. I’m attracted to all kinds of women, redheads, brunettes, black, white, latinas, you name it, as long as they’re attractive. Not attracted to fat women, and that includes the infamous “curvy” (a word that used to mean actual curves, not fat), and “a few extra pounds,” regardless of your supposed “inner beauty.” Sorry :)
waaaah! oh well.. guess I'll stick with the boyfriend then.. he'll actually let me keep the cat.. I mean, seeing as she's really his cat anyway...

Monday, April 04, 2011



all is going to plan.. I'm entering sneezy zone, so by bed time I'll be runny nosed and stuffed heady.. awesome :/.. on the good side my throat isn't so sore anymore, and by tomorrow eve, when I have another shift I'll be over the worst of the sniffles and just have a really bad cough..

er.. not ideal for a tour either.. but as it goes, it's the best I can hope for..

I really should start writing something other than the most tediously detailed diary of my boring life.. now that I know people are listening..

*tries to think of something non embarrassingly personal to write*


Sunday, April 03, 2011


I'm feeling crummy.. have been all day.. I'm coming down with something.. Friday I had a tickle in my throat that I worried about, yesterday morning I woke up with a worse throat and thought this was it.. I'm fucked.. then it seemed better later on and I willed it to go away and it sort of worked, it subsided and I was ok during the day but the tickle returned...

this morning again I woke up with a bad throat and a headache.. er *mumbles* hangover *coughs* and well.. this time I knew it was going to happen. Of course, the other non coming down with something part of the malady didn't help...

been feelin woozy all day.. and tried to call some people to cover my shift tonight.. as I was sposed to work, but I was unsuccessful.. this bothered me, and I had to go out, and do it.. well.. I figured, I'll be better by then.. but by then I was.. well I was better but still feeling a bit crummy.. and the smells in the hallway and the urine decorated streets were really potent to me.. didn't look good, then I ran into another guide who was on an earlier tour, and no one had come for hat tour so I asked him to take mine over.. and he did so the danger of puking or collapsing in front of a bunch o tourists was avoided.. I mean yeah I'd gone there for nothing and it was a pain in the ass.. but ya know..

I feel a bit better now.. from the last night caused portion of my poorliness anyway.. still got a sore throat.. and starting to get sniffly.. damn.

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Not.. not it's been nice knowing you, you're all tremendous.. but.. well.. blog still here, 2nd of April... put 2 and 2 together and make of that what you will.

I don't know if anyone was "fooled".. towards the end with the country and church stuff it got a bit rich imho and well.. who knows.

anyway.. blog still here.. not going anywhere.. whining will continue.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Well.. it's been nice knowing you.

Goodbye blog world, goodbye internet.. it's time for me to go.

Well.. it's been nice, sort of, I've loved it, obsessed about it, and spent more than half my life on it, but now.. fuck it. There's no point, I write the most incessant drivel.. no one bothers to comment, and probably doesn't even read... I have nothing to write, except for the tedious details of my life, a record of my constant failures, a reminder that my dreams that I hang on to are not happening.. that my life is going nowhere..

so.. I'm ending it. In exactly 5 hours and 45 minutes this blog will self destruct. I mean.. destruction by hands of me.. and no only will I not be updating.. it will be no more.

It's got to be done. Not just the end of the blog, flickr too, and all my other internet activities, even email.. I mean it.. I'm going totally luddite on y'all... well not on y'all because I will no longer be in the life of people who aren't even right there anymore.. that's right, my friends, the people I know, the people I speak to.. will be limited to the people who are in the vicinity of where I am. Imagine that people? Remember that.. it was like that, not all that long ago....

And I will go outside. Smell the flowers.. I might start growing my own food, concentrate on work, proper work, which produces something... go out to the country, raise a family maybe.. find a church and make some friends.. or rope some friends into going there, if said country is in this Czech republic.. and promote good old fashioned values, for real people, with real lives, families, and communities.

So.. I guess that's it. Goodbye.