Wednesday, December 26, 2012

checking of the list..

apparently there's a sort of boxing day bingo checklist thing. I don't know if it's a thing but it's a thing I just saw, so, sort of a thing. Most of the squares deal with stuff that doesn't apply here in our household, being a couple of expats not living near relatives no kids not in the US (or UK where this particular checklist thing I have before me seems to originate from) so.. pretty much all but a few that reference drinking, in ways usually considered inappropriate, ie breakfast, and well.. drinking more. Those, I've already done a little bit.. I reckon there'll be enough of that to make up for all the rest. Oh and eating leftovers. The first thing I did, even more the booze. Still got more seasonal movies to watch, so might add that one to the list in lieu of one about someone's auntie. Hope everyone had a fun christmas if they bother with that stuff, a pleasant regular day if that's what it is and a peaceful time where no one bothers you if that's what you wanted.

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