Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Need. Sleep.

It's all early starts and late finishes, pickups from fuck knows where and travels to somewhere else. Many hours on set doing stuff, not doing stuff and something in between sometimes.

It's weird. I had one day off and I was all ambitious and intending to get all my files into orderly typed up spreadsheets or whatever those things are supposed to be in.. oh and I intended to get sleep. Well none of that happened, though I did go for a drink with a friend who had the absolute nerve to have a birthday the next day, making it imperative for me to stay out after midnight, when I'd already been drinking since pretty early to have a drink on his birthday. Honestly, people. No consideration.

So my day off didn't really help me feel rested and fresh the next day. More like, fucking hungover. It wore off after about 8 hours so the next 8.. (ok I exaggerate, it was only about 6) I was no longer sick but really really tired. We finished relatively early, seeing as the last shoot we'd had ended at 2am.. it was about 9 or 10pm. In any case everyone was ready for bed by the time I got home so due to that, having no light in my room and being really really really really tired.. and, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, 7am call for this morning, and a pickup at a completely uselessly fucked up place that's inconvenient to get to. Wasn't pleased. Tried to get something sorted out yesterday but didn't get through to the driver.. well, not until this morning after I was already on the way to the original lift, which I was going to be late for due to a stupid calculation on my part, all ready to call not him but the only person I had a number for.. I get an sms.. yes I can pick you up at (insert much better spot for picking up) just as the tram was about to stop there. So I get off.. have a bit of time to spare now.. and try to go buy a coffee, but I realize I didn't have my wallet.. but they'd already poured the coffee so I got one on the house.. sin't that nice? So.. interesting morning.

The day was full of drama and tensions, egos, pontificating and the usual.. well more than usual, but interestingly enough a lot got done, so, overall good. Oh and we had a meeting. Something about a family and football coaches and locker rooms. I'm wondering if it helped.

Now I'm here again, not getting my homework done, not getting to bed early and not.. I'm sure there's something else I should be doing that I'm not doing.

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