Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh the weight..

It's like, no sooner do I get one weight off my shoulders, I get 2 or more to replace it, and that just makes all the rest of it, the stuff that's always there, buzzing in the background more prominent.

There's just too many things.. too many things. Now for most people these things would be a) not that big a deal, and b) for the most part non-existent and only come up every now and again and one at a time and c) be different things which may be annoying but less of a problem because.. well because. I suppose mostly because they're their things and not my things, but they'd be things that don't require a whole lot of explanation on why you don't have this, or why didn't you do this before, or what have you been doing all this time, and what have you been doing? that sort of thing. and the reason is that other people, that is not all people, possibly not even most people behave like grownups when they're like.. grown up, and don't let these things get like this.

And yes, I find it vexing. As soon as I've taken care of one of these, which may or may not go smoothly, then there are others. And once I've taken care of all of the stuff related to this, there will be other things, things that are already there, and certainly there will be new ones.

There are just too many things.

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