Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Change is in the air..

I mean, in general. Things change. Not in particular now, I mean, not that I know of at the moment. I just started rehearsing for this play, and have form an officially official kinda sorta production company (giggles a little at the thought of calling it that, but why not) and I plan to change other things at some point but if anyone has read more than one of my posts you know that that means extremely little..

um, where was I again. Oh yeah, change. You know when you have people staying at your place, and you mention it saying jeez it's been a while already, wonder how long this will be, and this person, every time you say.. it's not that bad really.. he's not being as annoying as he can be, he comes back, or gets here completely fucking drunk and is every bit as annoying as.. etc etc... and that was already a week ago? Well that hasn't changed.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Post Rehearsal Post

That is, the post about the period in which I am post rehearsal.

Let me try it again.. I had rehearsal today, now I'm post rehearsal, and this is the post about that.

Ok, so this is the rehearsal for the play I'm in.. did I mention I'm in a play? Yeah, might have. It's been a while since I was last cast, and also since the first meeting of the cast.. and I was wondering if I was really part of this at all or if anything was even happening, but finally it's getting going. I'm part of something! It's quite a nice feeling.

So feeling tired, very physical play and as well as all the physical parts of rehearsal there was a lot of warming up and getting in the mood exercises which were quite physical.. might actually be a bit fit by the end of this run...

met a lot of people, met some people I know and have seen every so often over the years, and even acted with, explored places I'd never been. Quite productive day really.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Even better then the others!

I've just added another nerdy annoyance (nerdinoyance, nerdannoyance?) to my list of peeves re spelling and grammar and use of similar but obviously wrong words in particular contexts that are depressingly common.

Can you guess what it is? I've probably already mentioned vexation with unnecessary apostrophes, you're/your etc.. loose for lose, speach, rediculous..

This is even more annoying then those. Well not more annoying then them, it's as annoying as those others.


Yeah.. then/than.. not the same word people!

For instance:
"I got off the tram, and then I realized I didn't have my wallet on me."
is correct..
"This pasta is even better then the one my grandmother makes!"
is incorrect... it should read
"This pasta is even better than the one my grandmother makes!"

See the difference?

*takes off nitpicky hat, goes back to being inarticulate slob who probably says a hundred things a day to piss off even more wordnerdy people*

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick! Give me a keyboard!

Or a pen, or a pencil.. a crayon and a napkin. Ideas are running though my head.. lots of them, amazing ones, splendid ones.. ones that aren't half bad but not good either, ideas that are.. well they're ideas, I never said they're good or anything.. ok they're average at best, and I'm not in any position to implement a single one of them but they're ideas!!! Dammit!

One of them is really cool. it's.. er...

fuck! told you to get me a pen.. quicker.

Oh yeah.. *goes and scribbles stuff*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The more.. the merrier.

Or so they say. Those "they" again.. they sure say a lot, some of it profound, some of it, sensible, some of it witty. A lot of it is utter bullshit, however, this one can be true. Of course, it depends on the situation, the more can be the crappier in some situations.. like say, in a home that's just right for 2, and specifically the particular people who live there, choose to live there together, get on for the most part and have their particular shit sorted out so they can cohabit quite comfortably.. and then you bring a 3rd into the mix. Someone you both know quite well.. particularly one of you. So far it's alright, and actually the person is less of a fucking pain than this person is somewhat wont to be.. and anyway it's just for the night.. yeah they say that but we know it's going to be longer, maybe 2 or 3.

Then 2 or 3 nights go by.. still there. Things start to change, the less of a fucking pain becomes more of a fucking pain until it is near to equaling the level said character is famous for. Keys leave for longer than intended, or hoped, leaving one stuck... someone is always there.. slurring their words more and more as the day goes by..

of course, when you're a weak kind of person who drinks too much anyway, but is even more inclined to drink if there's so much as someone who brings beer.. and once you have one you have another and a shot, and another, it's not great, with this particular kind of person.. ie one who brings beer, either.

*nurses headache*

I'd use this as an excuse as to why I haven't done half of, will any of the things I wanted to.. filming and stuff, because there's someone around, but instead I'll just explain how it's sort of a problem but I'm above giving blame although you can clearly see where the blame lies..

I could live with all of this, I could, and I can.. well I am.. but if I sit down right in the toilet bowl again in the middle of he night.. I might get just a tiny bit vexed with the whole situation.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Just waiting.

And waiting.

I should be doing, but, instead I'm waiting. Not sure for, for something, to know what I'm supposed to do, to know what I intend to do, to be in the frame of mind to do all those things I could be doing right now instead of waiting. For things to change, for something to arrive. A bit of everything really, mostly something else I can't quite figure out.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bits and pieces..

some bobs, some piffle.

Haven't uploaded anything too ambitious for a while, but I do like some bits and pieces I have out there, outtakes from the main stuff I'm filming which quite likely may not be seen ever, or at least not for what I will continue to call a "while"..

but there's other things that I just.. I dunno, get the cam out and film and then fix up a bit, some of it isn't so bad though it's nothing special and completely pointless.. like this, and this.

I think I already mentioned this.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

If there's anyone actually out there..

Here's your chance to say hi.. yeah, some (one) of us is here.. and maybe put a caption to this shot perhaps.

A well dressed dog..
if you like.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happening, it is.

Finally got a date for a rehearsal of this play thingy I'm in.. which I'd already twice begun to think wasn't even going to happen due to long periods of silence but.. there's a rehearsal which is at the same time as another training session I'm supposed to be at for something that I've already learned and I already know but gee doesn't it make me look busy!

And well.. this funk is slowly.. er.. stopping. Warming up, stuff going on, actually getting outside every now and again.. um, thinking about filming more stuff and getting more stuff ready for filming ok I'm pretty much on exactly the same page as I always am with that but still... maybe I'll actually do a bit of something at some point.

I like that it's warmer. And that it snowed a little bit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh and btw..

It warmed up. I still haven't experienced this only a few degrees below zero weather as of yet but I'm out in a bit and I'll see. It also snowed a bit, finally, well again after the last time I mentioned, and then it stopped. It might again.

Oh yeah.. off out.. as I kinda said already, to my grand Valentine's dinner... already had a change of plans once because the original restaurant was booked up..

oh yeah, things are going as planned :)

in a.. cryptic, series of fun and zany misshaps sort of way.. one hopes :)

Thwarted Again.

I so wished to be a rebel on this day, like all the cool, hip folk.. (or whatever the kids are calling those qualities these days) this international day o love.. and boycott it, "celebrate" it in a anti it kind of way, or even an ironic, interesting, alternative way.. ideally ignore it completely but then I'd not get the affirmation of being so cool that I'm not into it by people who care either way, or better still the people who don't..

but I can't. I'm being positively harangued into going to this "dinner" thing, with this "partner" person, and it's going to be like "romantic" and stuff... lame..

in my defense it's.. er.. a not super expensive restaurant, and a vegetarian one, and I won't be buying or receiving (well maybe but I don't know at this point) any generic type pink or heart and flower themed Valentines day stuff.. (puts foot down, though having no money in the bank makes this kind of pointless) and.. er.. there'll probably be some monumental cockup.. which always happens whenever we try to be elegant and grown up and stuff. Obviously a sign that we're way too unconventional for that kind of stuff.. (ie super cool and hip or whatever the parlance is in these times)..

I'm looking forward to going for a drink afterwards.. oh wtf I'm looking forward to it altogether.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'd really like to have something to say which isn't about how fucking cold it continues to be..

But fuck! It continues to be so damn cold! Was out tonight... to stand around for a bit and then wait around a bit to go home.. no tour.. too damn cold. Not too disappointed that I didn't get to walk around in the freezing cold trying to entertain people who just want to get the fuck somewhere warm.. but it does tend to reduce the money ones makes over a month...

yeah there's other stuff.. I spose.. finally uploaded another video.. plan to make more, edit more and upload more soon. And this time I mean it, like soon soon not.. maybe think about it in another month soon. Seriously. Soon.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ok Weather Gods..

So you sent a bit of snow, very little, but being as freezing as it will continue to be for about another week, it seems, it's going to stay around a bit, giving us a little bit of that winter beauty that is supposed to come along with outrageously inhumane temperatures... I mean, it does make everything slippery, and you have to walk in that slow shuffling way when it gets intolerable to be outside after 4:45 minutes, and it's generally a pain but..

oh fuck it.. warm up already!!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2012

I don't know if it's the cold..

but I'm tired, and a bit bleh.. you know, when you just feel.. grrr and you can't really figure out why. It might be a little bit contagious, I have been in the presence of despair today.. and it's cold. And I need to do a long tour tomorrow.. dreading it.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

And it continues.

The cold remains. And when I say cold, I mean unusual once in a.. I dunno, decade, century kind of cold.. at least stretches that go on for this long. I was hoping it'd be calmed down by now, but it's still below -10°C at the warmest part of day... on the warmest of these days, and by my next 3 hour tour, it plans to still be this cold.

I thought last winter sucked, there were many days like this, and nights like the one I'll have on Tuesday, but they were individual anomalies amongst a group of more normal days.. sorta... this is like.. too fucking much.

And it still hasn't snowed. Not properly anyway.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ah, it's times like these I'm particularly happy to be working at night, walking around outside.

It's currently -8°C outside, according to one site which might be slightly out of time, recording the temperature from an hour ago when the sun was still up, and I need to be out, giving a tour, some of it, ok, in the cozy and warm dungeon.. but some on the particularly cold and windy parts just above the water, in just over an hour, when it will no doubt drop further down from the (probably lower than -8) temperature it is now.

Was out last night, and yeah.. too cold for this. It's quite perplexing why people still show up for a tour in this kind of cold but they do.. oh they do.. and then, most of it is spent just wanting to get the hell inside.. although, somehow still fun and enjoyable.

Tonight's should be cool.. a slightly different thing than what I usually do and I'm kind of looking forward to it, would be completely if it was at least 5.. ok at least 10-12 degrees warmer.. then it would just be fun.. but I know I'm going to be feeling the nippiness tonight.

But you know.. that's life, gotta deal with stuff.. sometimes, even if you're me.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Well that's a surprise.

Not much change. Really really cold today, and I have all this stuff I need to know for tonight cos they're changing everything on us and my bank account is in the depleted category...

maybe it's still the last of the essence of Jan left over..

I wish it would disperse already.