Sunday, December 02, 2012

One last night o company.

Tomorrow the man leaves for just over 2 weeks.. plunging me into an existence of solitude. That is if you don't count the furry little meowing thing that lives here, who does definitely count, and all those internet people out there, who when you're me count an awful lot. But still.

I like, almost had a job and something to possibly do in the company of other people, that is human people, the ones that physically exist, but that didn't work out, so it's gonna be how I thought it would be, barring another such unlikely even of me.. err.. being around other people. I mean, there are people, ones who I probably will see more than I otherwise would have which will probably be on the "a lot" side.. but still.. ya know.

I'll probably start keeping some irregular hours, in any case. And the place might get a little less neat too, although it doesn't exactly pass any grownup standards of neat at the moment.

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