Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It just drags on..

still studying, still writing, still editing, sorta practicing.

I've been doing this on and off for over a year now.. ok so most of that time has been during "off" mode but still..

waiting for something, something I need to do this.. at least to finish..

I'll get there. I'll let you know when.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Things Actually Happen.

So.. I've been a bit quiet around here of late.. just got out of the habit of posting.. and what a week! There are at least like.. 3 things worth mentioning.. at least, 3 things that I feel worth mentioning. Well.. last post was a photo from a trip to Krakow, that was fun.. journey there and back, I shan't be doing again, the train, 8 hours, overnight.. in a regular seat. For small parts we got a whole side to ourselves each but.. didn't last long as people kept getting in, and out, and the train stopped at a certain shitty station in the middle of skuzzy Nowhereville Czech republic and actually turned around and went back twice.. both ways, and for ages.. will hold a grudge about that pointless shitty down forever Bohumin.. I mean.. who the fuck even knows where that is? So.. the being in Krakow was awesome.. apart from a bit of tiredness.. the weather was lovely, we stayed in a nice flat in an awesome area, saw stuff.. and found a lovely restaurant which we'll go back to when we go back to Krakow which we will but just not on the train or at least not on regular seats. Oh and beer.. we had beer. Had a couple of tests for my tour that I'm supposed to be doing but am not yet.. and a lot of studying.. in essence I failed both, but, it's more of a training process and I'm getting there but I was hoping to be working much earlier so, mildly vexing but overall ok. Most important thing is, they fucked Flickr! They made it all new and exciting and vibrant.. which obviously sucks, because it used to be calm and boring and fast loading and you could see the pictures and how many comments and views there were and you could arrange your photostream in 2 columns with the sets down the side so when you uploaded 2 shots or an even number of shot sa day you could make sure your sp from the 365 project was in the left column and.. well.. I'm old and cranky and don't like it.. damn those kids with their ipods and tablets and general modern stuff! I've been fuming about it.. well a bit, for the last 3 days and at some point I'll get used to it and either start using it less.. just forget it ever bothered me or eventually leave it all for Ipernity which is just like Flickr except it doesn't have massive big "thumbnails" taking up your screen and you can see the text and stuff.. ie, like it used to be.

Oh and our water was gone. All morning, had to go out all stinky cos not only couldn't I shower, I couldn't even have a proper "whore's bath" as it's known as colloquially.. cos.. no water obvs. It seems the goobers that have been working on our road for the past month knocked something.. it seems to be back now, though trickling down very thinly. It's always something it seems.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where I was.

Market Square.. Krakow, Poland.

Friday, May 17, 2013

And we're off..

Going on another adventure. Off to Krakow for the weekend. Just a short trip, for a short time but, it's something fun, something different. I've been there before but.. I don't remember seeing much somehow.. or rather I got hardly any photos of anything, you know like.. the town, buildings, people. I shall do that this time, as anyone who knows anything at all about me knows. Also my first time staying with someone neither I nor my fellow traveler have met before, it's my first "surfing" experience, so to speak. Should be fun, quite interesting.. had so many people here by now that it will be strange to be on the other side o the.. um, couch. Everything else for now.. my worries, the stuff I need to learn and know by Tuesday.. oh yeah, got a test on Tuesday, for something I like.. really need to do.. well all of that for now is, just that. It's Friday, I'm outta here and.. that's it really. Til Monday. At least.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keeping Strong.

It's what I do. In the face of crisis, bleakness and looming er.. storms, it's how I deal. Yeah I wouldn't believe it either. When I'm faced with.. well, crap I tend to deal by wallowing in my misery and becoming incapable of doing much. I'm even less likely to get done that which I'm pretty useless at in general at a time that I need more than ever to do stuff, if you know what I mean. I get tired of being me sometimes. I'd do something about it, but.. I dunno.. *grumbles incoherently*

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Storm away... please

It's been grey, drizzly and gloomy here for.. well, about a week after the spring finally came.. here in this part of the world were I live. Not so much rain, but always the promise. Always the hint of t-storms (as the hip new generation of internet meteorologists like to call them) in the air. But the t-storms don't come. Day after day, they (said hip new meteorologists) say there will be t-storms, but they don't come.. And it's another day of grey, just waiting for the inevitable t-storms to come. If they just came, it would storm and then it would be over. The sun would then peek out behind the clouds, and shine down over a beautiful green world. It would, if the t-storms just showed up.. but no.. instead we get a permanent grey cloud, looming ominously. If you think that's a metaphor well you're likely right. It sounds like one, but it's an imperfect one. When my personal t-storm finally shows up, it will lead, not to a new era of sunshine and butterflies but more likely the continuation of greyness, drizzle.. and possibly more and greater t-storms. Still.. at least I'd know something, which right now, not knowing anything, I think is preferable.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

an unlucky number..

I had my doubts about this year.. you know, 2 thousand and what it is.. I mean, I'm not the slightest bit superstitious, not in any way, not even minutely anyway you stretch it but... I had my doubts about this particular year past the 2000 that are of our lord or whatever because of.. that number of years.. cos.. I dunno, stuff. I'm not denying there have been good parts of this year, positive things occurring, times of hope, times of.. well relative joy. I'm not saying that most years of my life don't for the most part suck but it just seems like.. this year sucks! I got through Jan.. got through the long long winter.. a few hurdles here and there that were of average crappiness that were gotten over but, now it just seems like it's nothing but shit! And so many types, of so many levels. If one thing goes ok, the likelihood that 2 out of 3 of the others is going to turn out bad enough to seriously fuck things up is pretty high. And I don't even know where to start on all of this.. I don't want to start on any of this, I want to push it to the back of my mind and well.. I can't not think about it, but at least keep it at the level it's at, and just not know about how potentially bad it can get. It could all go just fine, of course, out of all of these things, it could turn out that they're all not as bad as they seem to actually completely different than anyone who knows anything about any of this stuff thinks it is, and therefore not at all a problem. If so it would be best to get to the point of knowing that. The problem is, it might not turn out like that, and I'd rather not know. At some point, it will all affect me, whether I do anything or not. I am not looking forward to that.