Friday, January 31, 2014


As soon as I hit post.. and it posts successfully and nothing goes wrong after that like the post disappearing or the computer doesn't die or whatever, or something that stops this, what I'm writing now from actually being a post on the blog, without some major delay that makes it not post after midnight.. I'm done. I have, or will have (provided all that stuff I wrote up there, most of which isn't even a thing) succeeded. One post for every day of a month.. and a long 31 dayer too. If I achieve nothing else this year, I will have achieved that. That is of course if one of those things doesn't go wrong between now and then, er, some point before midnight. A round of applause for me please. I can ask fro that because you (that is the generic you, the blog reader) are reading this, it has been posted successfully therefore.. etc etc etc.. yadda yadda yadda ergo and all that. Not too many hours of Jan left at this point, and right at this moment the cough doesn't seem to bad, some stuff that almost freaked me out yesterday didn't turn out to be so bad, at least at this point I'm deciding that and another thing that isn't something that directly affects me but affects my household, I guess turned out to sound worse than it probably is not that I know what it is but, come on, it's not going to be all that bad, though still annoying. Oh and we're going out tonight and after midnight.. drinks allowed! Not that I've been denying myself alcohol this month as a rule, or that I probably won't drink before midnight, but still. So.. Feb is almost here and I know it won't make a difference, but it's still nice that it's happening. Oh yeah and I plan to go vegan for Feb, or I did plan. I should try to remember that. Anyway.. that's it for this... J. M. G.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barely a day left to go..

until this month, this Jan is over. Too bad it doesn't also mean I will be rid of this ailment this hacking, violent cough that keeps me up at night and attacks me at regular intervals during the day. Slightly less and slightly gentler each night, to be sure, and mostly better every day although yesterday was terrible, I made myself dizzy a few times, today, not quite as bad but.. well anyway, I did get that guitar. A nice, shiny, slightly battered, missing one string, very pink guitar. I do know how to play a little, but it turns out that I'm no longer able to. Looks like I'm learning all over again, going slowly so far, but, these things take time. Well.. I've almost managed a post every day this month, let's see if I don't let myself down on the rapidly approaching final day o the month..

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One word.

Simple message

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new thing.

To add to the list of things, you know the things, the ones I'm doing, like... well there are things. I'm sure I wrote them down somewhere. Anyway, the new thing is to learn the guitar, I would say relearn because I did used to know how to play, well, a little, and I tried out a few chords and it looks like I'll be starting all over again. Today I procured myself a guitar. I may have mentioned it a week or so ago, have been trying to buy it for over a week now, and thought I probably wouldn't end up getting it, but now it's here, home and safe. This particular guitar is pink, is missing one string and seems to work ok, as far as I know about guitars which is very little, in fact, the missing string makes next to no difference to me, though I'm hoping to get that sorted out at some point, as well as to have the need for it to be sorted out. For now, I'm just trying to learn chords.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A thought.

I'm getting the feeling that this whole.. "blog every day for a month" thing wasn't exactly the best idea. For reasons.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

There's a saying..

we have, it goes "Australia sees the light at the end of Jan like, something..." ok it's just me that has this saying, and I just (almost) made it up. It is Australia day today, the anniversary of the day a bunch of white people settling in a land that was already populated by people and saying "hey, look what we discovered? No one lives here, not really, so let's move in". One of them anyway. It's a holiday that never been of any note to me, and as I left the place, instead of staying long enough... and my life had taken a considerably different path than the one it has here.. for the potential day off that falls in what is already the summer holidays but not necessarily work holidays, thus giving the holiday some kind of relevance to me, I usually even barely notice it. For some reason I did note the date today, no significance, just remembered. One thing for it, it falls in late January, meaning there is less than a week left for this cur-sed month. You know why I wrote it like that, make sure you pronounce that correctly. I know the turn o' the month doesn't actually mean anything, there's no magic, no better luck that will befall me just because the month has a different name but 2 things are very true. 1) By February, this damn cough/cold/whatever the fuck is wrong with me should be over with, and 2) I'll be back on the booze, because I have been drinking this month, except for the times that I drank, but I won't be not drinking in Feb which may not be exactly great in some aspects, but I still like to have the option.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A little bit o' snow

Earlier this week. It finally looks a bit like winter..

Friday, January 24, 2014

At the end o' the week..

well it's Friday. People do tend to make a big deal about that, I suppose it matters if you work, and if you work a regular full time regular hours job, and if you live somewhere where the weekends fall on the general Western lines of Saturday and Sunday or even just Saturday, I can understand why. I remember, way back when.. blogging was not exactly in it's infancy, but it was around the time I joined the club, so to speak that there were these themes on Fridays.. Friday cat 5, cat club, random.. cats.. or something. Something to do with cats. I think there may have been some that were not cat related but there was definitely some cat stuff. Today I'm going to be old timery and do a post that is cat related, somewhat, for Friday. I'm currently creating a website for Cooley, the cat, our cat who I may have mentioned a bit here on this very blog. I'm actually creating about 5 websites simultaneously if by "creating" you mean made folders for, but Cooley is the one I'm working on mostly because I don't really know what will be in any of the others yet, though I want to learn and relearn and add to my learning of website building.. you know, html, xml, css and all that. You know. So I'm doing this. Well I was doing this, been ill the past few days, but I worked on it for a full 2 and a half days during which I spent probably and hour an a bit each, on and on working on this site while flipping back and forth between whatever I was doing.. then I became too weak or more accurately, irritated to sit at the comp reading text and stuff so I spent the day lounging around watching stuff on the computer from a slight distance as opposed to reading stuff on the computer from close.. and then after I forgot I'd been doing it, along with all the other things I forgot I was doing because I started doing something else or I went out or I didn't feel like doing it anymore and didn't do it for a bit and then forgot or because I made coffee or something. I'll get back to doing it though. I have some ideas. I was thinking about it last night.. just as I was about to fall asleep.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


my head is spinning like a thing that spins in a way that feels very uncomfortable and sore and makes you dizzy when you stand up after being seated for a while so that you aren't feeling it quite so much and forgot how bad it is. And I have a sore throat. I'm really bad with feeling sick, I know nobody likes it but I'm sure that there are people who are noble and dignified with illness, or at least with minor maladies like a cold or flu or whatever it is I have it's weird it feels a bit different to the usual sore throats and general colds I get about 80 times a year, mostly in the cold months. So yeah I'm whining about it, although I do have the luxury of mostly being able to rest in warmth and comfort, if you don't count that cat that WON'T LET UP I KEEP FEEDING HER AND SHE KEEPS WANTING MORE AND SHE KEEPS MEOWING AND SCRATCHING THINGS AND KNOCKING THINGS OFF THINGS but otherwise, I have it pretty good. I mean I missed a show tonight, that would have been cool, but better than having to go out there, into the -3 that feels like -7, yes that's actually cold, much colder than it has been so far this winter. I hope I get better soon, you may have noted that I don't exactly like this.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guess I was kinda well for almost 2 weeks..

time to be sick again. I feel myself coming down with something. Yesterday I just thought I was coughing a lot, and then my throat was sore but it felt like just because of the cough, not good, but that's all it was. Now I have that "coming down with something" kind of soreness. I only just.. well, I don't know when it was, a few weeks ago, got over something that left me with a cough that slowly calmed down until yesterday so, it's time again to feel sore, sniffly, stuffed up and.. something else. I really don't like being me sometimes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter is here..

Been very mild around here, which is nice, well not nice it's not terrible. It has been, for the most part quite dull and grey, except fro when it's sunny which it has been sometimes, but you know.. it gets dark early, and the trees are all bare so, it's still sort of dreary looking out there. It's still not that cold, which does quite please me but this morning I got up.. not sure what time it was, Cooley woke me and was messing around and wouldn't stop so I got up.. first went to er.. you know nature calls and all that, looked out the window and.. it looked just the same as it does every morning. Then about an hour, 2 hours, an hour and a half I'm not sure, later, Erik got up and said.. hey.. there's white stuff out there. And there was, white stuff. Snow it was, kind of a dusting, ie sorta light but still, pretty. It's been snow/raining most of the day so it's still around, though it seems a bit warm for it to stay so we'll see how it looks tomorrow, but I have my dreams of heavy visibility issues inducing snowfalls and piles and piles of snow on the ground and a perfect winter wonderland, whatever the forecast says. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Phoning in...

hi, just phoning to say hi.. I mean writing. still here, still doing it though.. as per už* I don't actually have anything of substance.. you know how I said I almost got a guitar? a pink one? and then didn't get it? I might still get it.. not counting any fowl yet but, ya know, still possibility...

it's rainin here now... still relatively warm.. yeah.. *twiddles thumbs and stuff*

*"as per usual" the ž being a Czech letter which denotes a sound like the middle of "measure" or in fact "usual" and in our household we shorted pretty much ev.. and uz say už.. or "yoozh" I guess you'd spell it in our own language if you were ever forced to, maybe.. so that's what that means anyway

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ideas, plans, dreams.

I'm full of them. I've been quite productive in coming up with various combinations of those recently. I had a moment there, a few days back where I had a list of things.. and I was well on my way to.. well, doing a bit of them. Then somehow, forgot about it all, despite the numerous reminders I leave on my phone.. every day.. for the same things.

I still have faith though. I will do these things. I want to do these things and I think I can. I just need to set myself a one at a time, or a just a few at a time schedule because otherwise once I start on something everything related to the others goes out the window.. and then when I get past that easy + kinda interesting starting stage.. leave it, go to something else, it never goes further. I just have to keep reminding myself that there are things.. there is stuff.

Tomorrow is Monday, and Monday is the kind of day one does work, so I will start actually making headway with something, at least one thing. And try to dig out of my memory hole all those other things that were once going to turn into something that I forgot long ago. Maybe I should write it all down. Write down everything, as I think about it and weekly make a list of everything, along with noisy intrusive reminders about it all. Or something else, but something. Yes, something.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Another dream shot down.

I almost got a pink guitar today. It was all scheduled to happen,and then the person selling it.. well..just didn't communicate back. Maybe she'll email me tomorrow but.. I can see it now, it's like all my dreams, they start off as dreams, and they end up as shattered dreams. This is the reality of me, no pink guitar without one of the strings will not be gracing this establishment. Probably won't.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

About "this much"

*stretches out arms as far as they go*

no... I didn't catch a fish or... *struggles to find something that fits the actual sentence, which you'll figure out as soon as I explain* *doesn't*

ok I'm referring to yesterday's post about feebleness. Now, you might notice that I am actually writing and posting right now? That is I will be when I'm done yes yes, let's just take that as read.. well anyway, so obviously, I'm using a computer and online. Well I am, that's fine.. computer working, check, internet on.. well yeah but..

it's working weird.. some sites work, and some just don't, it loads and loads and loads and doesn't come. It's a lot of them, including some which I spend 70-89% of my time on, if not more.

Don't know what to do with myself, really. *sighs*

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How feeble am I?

For a second there thought I'd lost another one. The computer I'm using, both at the moment and "generally".. not my computer, not that the other one or any of "my" computers have ever been mine really, but this one isn't, this is just what I'm using until I get a monitor that works so I can get back to using the other one which isn't really mine but for all general purposes, which is not a lot at the moment without a proper monitor for it, is mine.

That was actually the middle of a sentence, so getting back to that, this computer almost succumbed to the me curse. After destroying 2 monitors in rapid succession and.. well nothing else but 2 monitors died, or ceased working in a way that makes it possible to be on a computer one right after another, and then today this one acted all weirdly.

It started when Cooley, the cat decided to get on the keyboard when I walked away from the comp for a bit, as she is wont to do, and often does and even more often tries to and I need to hold her off.. but there she was sitting on the comp so I got her off there and the screen was weird. Not really weird, like with 147 browsers open, or with a random selection of letters typed in Quicksearch or open in carat browsing whatever that is or upside down which are all things this computer (well not necessarily this computer but a computer that I've used in the last few years) has experienced, courtesy of the very Cooley which we speak, but it was weird. The bottom bar was different with half the stuff missing and things were just stuck. I managed to get back to something I was doing but it dragged, and I don't like it when my settings get all different and stuff and I couldn't change it back so I restarted the comp.

So it closed down, didn't restart though.. odd I thought, I'm sure I selected restart anyway I'm going on about this way too long already and basically it wouldn't turn back on. Oh how Cooley felt my wrath, or tuned out some serious scolding anyway, and I tried and tried again.. thinking shit.. what I'm I going to use now? Because not using any comp is well.. unthinkable.. what would I do.. I need it for.. communication, finding jobs and stuff and I don't even do that stuff.. like, ever, well not very often and I'm still at a loss for not just what I'll do all day but what I'll do at all.. ever!

Well I let it rest a bit and it came back on.. but really, it's not ideal.. oh so feeble am I, and really, it didn't take this incident to know that.. I'm more than aware of my total reliance on the humble comp but, sometimes you just have to think about it, you know.

Now that's written I won't be bothering myself about this issue again. Until next time.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I got nothin.

That's it, I got nothin. This can be taken in many ways, and whichever way you interpret it is the correct one. Put that in your receptical and smoke it.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Coming back to haunt me..

It's back again. That.. it. It hasn't been here since the very second it turned this year, except for 1pm every day but here it is.. just for a day. Dum da da dum... It's the 13th.. yeah, big deal I know but.. well, I have managed to write something for that many days and one does begin to run out of things to write which I did around day 3, and that's only if you count utterly pointless and stupid stuff where was I? oh yeah..

If was to be a super nerd about it which I will be just for the purpose of this entry, say there were more months in the year, at least 13, then this would be the 13th month of last year, making it 13.13.13.. triple whammy o triskaidaterror... and it's January, oh yeah and Monday.. and it was a grey dreary day. Some of it was anyway, maybe about an hour.. but that counts.

actually, today has been a perfectly average day, nothing spectacular but nothing really negative either so perhaps my interpretation is flawed. Or maybe it's just all utterly meaningless. Insert something very clever here which I thought of before while I was mixing rice with lentils as I was composing this in my head which I have now completely forgotten. If it comes back I'll let you know. And with that, it's a good night from me.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

kay I'm depressed again..

I think I'm in a funk, but it might pass, I don't know. I'm always in a bit of one but sometimes there's something to take my mind off it so I don't know, but then things.. just things, remind me of it. I am in slightly more of one now than I have been since at least... I dunno, Friday, maybe Tuesday.

In any case, I just have this.. thing, hovering over my head that whatever is at the forefront of my mind I just keep thinking.. something is wrong. And it is, but it always is, this is my default state but now it's just with me. I don't know if it will last, get better or worse or fluctuate.. if that's even the right word for what I mean. It probably isn't, but it doesn't matter.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oh yeah.. JMG!

January is usually a kind of shit month. Well.. not really, the past few Januaries have been..probably ranked similarly to the other months, I don't know, but it's generally a dreary month,winter, post holiday all that.

This one's been ok for these eleven days, relatively warm, even unseasonally warm I might say which is nice though I do like snow and would like some.. though I've kind of forgotten it even does that, over the weeks, well the weather is ok. And other stuff.. well.. haven't gotten too far with my whole "this is the year" plan, but it's been ok. Nothing spectacular, but ok.

Still tradition is tradition, and I'm nothing if not traditional and we decided that Jan Must Go one day.. one January day I'd guess, a few years ago, so it must go. We've managed to get rid of almost eleven days not there are only.. um, 20 left. I will destroy them. If I do nothing else this year, I wll at least get us to Feb.


Friday, January 10, 2014

If you had asked me if there was such a thing as a cat architect..

I'd say I'm sure there is, that is if you mean person who designs structures that are ideal for places where cats live, rather than a designer of cats themselves, which actually I'd guess exists as well if it were that.

Well there is. I mean, there are people who do that kind of design for houses, um, interior bits with wood and sawing and whatnot, that design and build but are not limited to cat furniture. That sentence is just wrong, I tried to make it work but I think I couldn't, in any case I'm not going to read it over to see if it's a mess so there.

Oh yeah we had someone come over this evening to check out our places, and the cat to see what can be done here. I'm thinking stairs. On the walls. I'm really hoping this actually happens one day.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

When one fails...

one usually gives up. Or just.. yanno, fails and that's it's over because the thing you were doing was the thing and now that thing isn't.. I mean, it's over, so you know. Well anyway that's how it usually is. Otherwise one usually gives up. One is referring to oneself of course.

This time however, I shan't do that. Or the other thing, which isn't relevant because I actually have some say about this.

So, I, along with another person who I've met like, 3 times who wrote something on Facebook are creating a new group, classes thingy for actors. Yes, creating. Well trying. We met a few times in December to talk about it, and tried to get more people who were interested in this thing whatever it's going to be to come to the meetings and one other person did, and then no one else did, or they did but we didn't bother to get phone numbers or know what anyone looked like or anything and we missed each other. Oh well, you learn.

Today was the first actual class, thing, whatever it is. The other founder (as I shall in future refer to us as, when I think of it) is a teacher so has access to actual classrooms, so that was where it was, but we met at a tram stop at a particular time. I met him. It was a crowded tram stop and we didn't see anyone else, well, not that we knew what they looked like, or had their number. There was one other person who had RSVPs that is selected going on the FB event, and her name was Anne or something beginning with A, or something. So we waited, and then went to check out the classroom. He got his laptop out and contacted her and she said she was there but we weren't and that went back and forth, anyway, then we got to talking about um.. what are we actually going to do in these meeting/class/thingies.. good question, I didn't know, do you know, no I don't know do you know? So we, as the founders and er.. I guess teachers, had a responsibility to actually have some material for this thing.. so probably good no one showed.

By the end of our meeting, teachers meeting you can call it, we had a schedule for next week, proper meeting instructions and everything and even stuff planned for the class so hopefully, next week, finally it will start to be something.

I'm quite proud really. After just over a month and 3 meetings, between the 2 of us we've managed to be about as organized as a reasonably competent person can be expected to be in an afternoon of planning. Not bad really.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

See.. it's true.

Global warming it is. I tell you this because it's warm here.. warm! That is a few degrees more than is usual this season and it's been a pretty mild winter so far.

Last winter, was long, and the winter before that, was brutal, but that doesn't count.I understand that there are places in the world where it's desperately freezing, and way cold even for this time of year which is nevertheless winter (in the northern hem anyway) but it doesn't count. It doesn't count because right now I'm experiencing above average temperatures at this time for where I am.*

Oh it's quite warm here, for winter.. I've already said it about 14 times before writing it down here, and now it's been put down on paper so to speak it's official, so if it's going to hurtle down to below zero again and feel like at least 4 degrees below whatever temperature it is then I've already sealed that fate. To tell you the truth I'd like it to snow. If it could just snow but still be kinda warm that would be great. You listening weather gods?

I'm going out tonight. I might have a beer, but it will be one of the few I have in January, I promise. Not that I'll have a beer although that's pretty much a given, the other thing. Of course, I don't have a limit to a particular number of beers, and at this rate I'm almost certain to have fewer than I do an average month, but still.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Going Places.

On the #22.

The second carriage..

Nowhere special, just to the "big shop" to gather our supplies.

Monday, January 06, 2014

One to mark off.

Maybe two. My first Monday o' the year was not a bad one, re getting stuff done and feeling productive and stuff. I do feel the need to point out which I do every single time I write about doing stuff and having a life and anything that involves doing anything or being in any way somewhat similar to a regular person that this is all relative, productive for me means, well not a whole lot for normal people, but nevertheless it was a day of doing stuff.

I did more than 10 minutes on the bike, whereas usually I feel I can barely do more than 5. That is seriously pathetic, and maybe it's just because I'm not used tot hat sort of exercise because I don't think it's because i'm seriously unfit because I wasn't until quite recently and I wasn't able to do much more on the bike than that before when I didn't feel or maybe didn't realize I was so unfit. Anyway, I did it, eleven minutes, and that's ass well as the pushups and stretches, which I don't usually do either.

I wrote some emails. Well messages through a site.. I tried writing an email, it was for a job and that's a big deal for me which is sad to admit but it is, there you go I'm sharing deep dark embarrassing details I should be proud, anyway, I tried to write it through my more official email the one with my name and not something about being a mutant cat and the text box or whatever you call it kept closing on me, or asking me to close I don't know, for no reason, and then when I was done, it just disappeared, like I tapped the wrong thing or something, and it closed, and my draft had the first few words of my first version which I'd changed because it sounded stupid. Anyway, I didn't bother with that again but later wrote to them another way.The other one was for a pink guitar, and I'm not going to say which one excites me more it should be obvious.

I made bread. That's not exciting but I cooked a big, well it didn't look so big but I cooked a chilli in our new massive big pot. It didn't look like a lot, filled it about a quarter but it is a big pot. I went outside too, which also shouldn't be an issue but shit.. it's been a while since I've been out properly, I won't say since last year because it's not but.. well it's the other day, but it wasn't daylight.

I need to get something of import or at least of interest to write about. Or alternatively get some kind of life. Those are both also resolutions for this year, well for every year.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Once again.

I'm still doing it. I've beaten my record for November and equaled December by posting (which I assume at this point I will) today. We'll see if I can make it further still, and in fact if I can make it through the whole month without missing a day. Also if I can make it through January without drinking, not counting the hours after midnight on new year's eve and the few nights there are shows I plan to go to and a drink with dinner once or twice, maybe I have more chance of managing that.

So far this month I haven't actually had anything to write rather than writing for the sake of writing, hence this writing about writing about the project of writing every day that I'm writing about today. Nothing going on my life, no interesting quirky ideas I feel like making a point about, nothing profound not that I ever write anything like that and certainly no brilliant or at least kinda cool ideas I have in the middle of the night that I write out word for witty word in my head as I lay in bed just to be too lazy to write it down the next day until such time has gone by that I've forgotten all the best bits and it's not relevant anymore anyway. Just nothing except for filling up space. I'm hoping this will change for one reason or another.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Too many floors, a lot of steps.

We have no elevator in the building. It wouldn't matter except we live on the 4th floor and that might not seem like so much unless you've been in a situation where you have to climb 4 or more flights of stairs regularly. When we first moved here we thought.. oh shit, but it'll make us fit, and after a while we'll get used to it and we won't even feel it. Well neither of those things happened. It's pretty much exactly the same as when I moved in. I'm not saying there aren't times when I fly up the stairs, sometimes when I'm at my healthiest and it's the first time of the day coming back from somewhere, but more usually when I;m drunk. We walk up the stairs waking up every level as we go by with our loud foreign language ramblings about nothing in particular but definitely something stupid, and before we know it, we're home, time to harass the cat.. but usually, it's a hike. On a normal day it's annoying and I get a bit breathless by the top, if it's late, or if I'm feeling anything less than 100%, or I've gone out and come back more than twice that day, it's even worse. Today I felt dizzy near the top, I don't know if it's because of my minor malady that consists of a slight cold and a nasty cough, of because I'd hardly eaten all day, or because I'm just plain unfit which I've felt myself being for a while now. I think it may be the last one, is it too late for a ny rez? Resolution #4, regardless of how many others I already had, get fit! Of course, if I make it a resolution I won't do it, that's traditional, but, it's too late to make a resolution so it isn't one, so maybe I'll do it. I probably won't, but maybe I will.

Friday, January 03, 2014

I feel fine.

Mostly. I got a slight tickle in my throat before the new year, it didn't get worse but it didn't go away, then I felt all stuffed up and sniffly. Anyway, whatever this is, this mini cold I've been experiencing is over the worst, which was never very bad at all, so I'd be quite happy that in a day or 2 or even tomorrow I'm going to be mostly, or entirely better. No more sore throat or sniffles, no more ringing in the ears, though that might have had more to do with fireworks, but nevertheless none of that. The cough will remain though. The cough is the worst bit. I go by hours feeling right as rain, as well as a whistle and other cliches too numerous to mention and then I start hacking away like, well someone with a really bad cough. And i's worst at night, while trying to sleep which doesn't come to easily, due to the cough.

I know this because my coughs always stay with me for ages, it seems like most of the time I have at least a bit of a cough, and a fair bit of the time I have a quite worrying one. Sometimes, after weeks and weeks, even months I don't have one at all, but then I get the tiniest sniffle and it's back again, and it stays, and it will do that again which fucking sucks.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Worth a try.

I'm going to try to write every day again. At least for a month. I didn't manage it for November or December but it's a new year all shiny and fresh and all that. So there you go. I don't know if it's a good idea or not. If I don't put arbitrary rules in place then I end up not writing at all. If I have the rules then I end up writing every day just for the sake of writing. It's like that with everything, when I do my 365 project or any of that photography related stuff I take a photo every day and most of the time I'm "phoning it in" as they say. At least I think that means something that makes sense in that context, and of course, when I don't have a project, I hardly take them at all. I don't know, if there was only something in the middle, where I'd do things, regularly, but when I do, do them properly, maybe it's just not in me.

Well, I have this year started 2 photography projects, or plan to. I started another 365 days of photos, but not self portraits this time, just photos. So far I've snapped some shots for the sake of it, well I used one just after midnight blurry shot for yesterday and after looking at a few what I thought might be ok photos on the computer and seeing they were actually crap I took a shot of Cooley. So I'm kinda just doing it for the sake of doing it again, and I don't know, but so far, taking random photos seems harder than self portraits. And I thought I'd do a 52 week self portrait project but I haven't really even looked at groups for that or decided on rules, but I'd like to keep doing them regularly, only actual good ones, you know. I'll see if I actually do that one, or continue doing the other one.

Second day in already, and it all seems the same. Of course, it is Jan, which is generally pretty dreary. I'm hoping it's the Jan thing that's making it like this because I really hope this year will be better but for now it's kinda.. bleh.. boring every day stuff to worry about and you know I'm a mess and my life's a mess so it's the more annoying everyday stuff. The usual new year messy inbox problem where all my emails from December revert to having an all digit date including the year, except this time that year is that number, the number of the year the one that just passed and I have to stare at that every time I look at my emails. For a while anyway.

And no one seems to be around, but that's not much of a difference from any time of year.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Starting Again.

And here we are. The hoopla is over and we're in a new year. Happy New Year everyone! So far it's been kind of bla.. well, after the initial bit on the hill with all the people and booze and fireworks in what didn't seem too cold until the excitement died down, was ok. Just your usual NYE fun. This morning however, that is, the part of the morning where you've gone to bed and slept and it's now daylight, was crappy. Sore throat, dry cough, splitting headache and other er. feminine issues I won't go into, I was physically poorly. And then I see my first message at all of 2014 is from the bank telling me I need to balance my account in 5 days or they'll charge me a chunk more and I know it's because my account is more under what it was because I've been charged the fee for the month already (at 5am or earlier on public holiday) because I didn't manage to succeed in my last minute attempt to close the account due to their special December 31st early closing hours. So yeah. 14, not great so far. Not too much of an improvement on the unlucky 13.. I hope for the triskaidekaphobes' as well as my own sake it's just one of those new year's day bugs.. the hangover and all that, and things will marginally improve when they get back to normal.. those sighs weren't for nothing, I hope. Then again, once, 100 years ago.. the trisks of the world also sighed, a big fucking sigh, knowing that 1913 was over! They would never have to live through that year again, whatever was to come, and whatever the next year, 2014 was to bring. Little did they know that there was this archduke, who was living in this little castle, just outside of Prague... oh well.. if history can tell us one thing, it's that it can tell us nothing. And no, I don't mean we can't learn anything from history, it's incredibly important that we learn lessons from history in order to improve things and not repeat the worst mistakes, its' just that.. stuff like this, really doesn't mean anything. This year will be whatever it will be, I simply don't know otherwise. Though I am glad it's '14 now. Not so glad about it being Jan. Grrr.. Jan.