Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh yeah.. the world.

It's supposed to be ending in what.. 3 days now? Don't know what time or what time zone of that time this whatever it is is suppose to happen.. did the Mayans specify that? Well anyway, if in fact the world does end or there is such a profound change in our life here on earth that it's like.. really different, then, I spose I should do something. Something big, something I haven't done that I always wanted to do. I did have an idea for something, it was really cool and would be awesome and excellent, but I probably won't do it/am not doing it.. I think it's a big much to take on really, to do properly, and I don't have my hats, I mean my people. It kind of depends on the world not really ending or changing in any significant way that would precipitate the nonexistence of youtube, for instance.. anyway. Luckily, I won't be alone and me and Erik will have a few last days to hang out together and at least get drunk and stuff. That is if it all ends.. I mean, it's possible we will be drinking again while celebrating Christmas in a week.

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