Sunday, May 19, 2019

All over again.

I've been somewhat silent of late, going back to the era of forgetting I even have one of these blog things. Truth is, I just don't know what to write, unless I just grumble about stuff, and you know how I do hate to grumble.

What the hell. I need to move again, second time this year, third time in the last year (if you don't count a bunch of mini moves) and the 4th or 5th time in a year and a bit. I'm kind of tired of it.

Haven't done anything wrong this time, or even been accused of it, they're just renovating the building.

Er... know of a place?

Thursday, April 25, 2019


It's an oft used expression at this time of year that Spring has sprung. That is exactly what has happened here. Not literally because that doesnt mean anything, but it's happened all the same. The following is one example of this which has sprung.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy this time of year.

If you celebrate it. Enjoy Easter, Passover, whatever, whether you're searching for eggs strewn about a garden, gorging on egg shaped chocolate (allegedly) brought by giant bunnies, or...

eating flat bread while telling a story about how awesome it was that when the creator of the universe ordered that all first borns in your land must die for reasons* that he (sorry He) spared the first born of all your group...

or....whipping ladies legs with colored ribbons, celebrating the brutal death (which likely never happened and we're not sure this guy ever even existed) and (alleged) resurrection of the (again alleged and really do you even consider it alleged when it's such an outrageous claim) son of God, and somehow spinning it into celebrations of spring which is totally not because those are things that people were celebrating at the time anyway...


putting up springy decorations, ie the eggs and bunnies and chicks (some of them anyway) referenced above even though it's autumn because you live in a Northern Hemisphere-centric culture and are a typically Christian culture which celebrates these particular Pagan rituals this time of year, a combination of 2 or more of the previous or of one or some of them and something else, just hanging out with the family


working because you're employed in the tourist industry in the most visited per capita city in Europe on a continent wide long weekend and you're one of the very few people at the company which does the tour to Prague Castle, the biggest tourist attraction in the aforementioned city, on it's busiest weekend of the year.

Happy season.

*Because the Pharoah wouldn't free His people, and when he started to think about it God hardened his heart and made him change his mind back, presumably so He could unleash all those plagues.

Monday, April 08, 2019


This is a view of Vitkov Hill, which I can also see from my window. There was a battle there. So, nearish where I live and very near one of the places I start work is some construction being done, quite a big job so they're making a bit of a song and dance about it, and have this lookout thingy with which to view it.

The hill is in the background and I thought a "framed" picture of it would be really cool. There were people standing on it every time I went there so it took me a while to get the photo, and then I realized it wasn't all that amazing. Posted it anyway.

Monday, April 01, 2019


It's the season. Well it's a season. The days get longer and warmer (well where I happen to live now anyway not universally I don't forget that I come from the southern hemisphere I shan't be 'spherist with this well not very much anyway) it's the season when things bloom and it gets all pretty and stuff and if you work in the tourist industry as I do, then it's when all the people show up.. oh so many people. This season sucks, really, I fucking hate it  but what can one do? 

So anyway here's a springy picture. It's April 1st but I got no jokes, I'm all out of humour I shall be very serious and sensible from now on.. NOT! Oh yeah the picture.

And with this post I've already equaled last year's post count. That's going to have to do for an achievement this year.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Time for some whining, for once.

Well, things are not really bad, I mean, it's just a room where I live and the shower here sucks and I still have to work, and I haven't been able to get my computer to work and it's really hard to type on this thing but.. things are... I think the word is "meh". Kind of an American thing but I'll forgive myself for using it just this once. So not terrible, I'm not starving or in pain or in big trouble, got a home a job and
all that. Not luxurious mind you. And it barely passes as comfortable, but I can live with it, for now.

So it's all "meh". Problem is, after the just getting by part, there isn't much else. I've got my little magic phone with my internet and tv and game I foolishly downloaded knowing I'd be wasting way too much time on it, and there's people, you know, who sort of matter.. and.. that's it. The acting "career" that I have been writing about, and rather embarrassingly documenting the stagnant progress (is that even a thing) of has all but gone. Nothing going on, and not likely to be too soon. Not even the amateur stuff that I've been dreaming of moving on from ever since I've started writing here, without success. I had a few auditions, as many as I had roles in past years, but I didn't get one of them.

There are other things I've always dreamed of doing, but I'm even less experienced/skilled/likely to ever do those than I am even with the acting, so I won't even embarrass myself by bringing them up.

So I'll whine here about it all instead.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Something neither new nor relevant

I just like this picture.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Changes, as usual.

I've moved again, or rather, I've moved quite recently, as "again" might not mean anything to those who don't know my recent history. In short, I moved out of a long-ish term home last May, not for good reasons and not entirely voluntarily. It sucked.

I moved into a very temporary and not at all adequate situation, for just under a month. Below my standards as this place was, I still ended up having to move before I voluntarily chose to. That pretty much sucked.

 The next phase was a series of very temporary nights here and there and not really having a home to speak of which you can probably guess, sucked quite badly.

One of these places turned into a more permanent temporary residence, small, noisy and infected with bugs, but a huge improvement on everything else so far. I got kind of settled, and was happy enough/couldn't be bothered to not - stay there, and probably would have, if some shit, not unrelated to the bug situation, which we were the biggest victims of, which they'd ignored up to that point, hadn't gone down.

Again, we had to move, very quickly. Well quickly-ish. Due to an almost comical series of possibilities falling through, one after the other in the whole few days we had after we bothered to deal with this situation, we had to haul ass around town with all our shit really quickly when something came through at the exact last second, twice, because one was for the stuff and one was for our room. All while being rushed to get our stuff out and not finding a car service willing to take it all and finally moving into a room on the 3rd floor which is somehow 7 flights of stairs which all have a bunch of dudes standing around watching everything. Needless to say, that really really fucking sucked.

So I've moved again. I think I'm stuck here for a while because I just don't want to deal with all that again. The place is basic, with a lot of dodgy neighbours, and our room is pretty much empty, which sucks, but honestly not that bad.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

So much for that..

It's the end of the month already and of course I've completely failed to make a regular thing of keeping uo this blog. Typical. Usual reasons, nothing to write really and a difficulty in remembering the thing actually exists. Also typimg on an phone, ass, pain in the. Here's a picture.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

A scene

.... Through a window of a bus, one snainy day.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

An update..

Already. Really just popping in to say... that stuff, you know the things I was really going to do this year? Well I never really wrote down a list or even decided exactly what it would all be but, I think I've done some of it. That includes writing on this blog "more regularly" and I'm already writing for the second time this year after six days. If you're wondering if that's the entire reason for this post's existence well yes it is. So there's one. And a bit of some others too. So not bad so far. Ask me in a week though.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Why Hello

And Happy New Year. It's 2019, the very early part of it and it's this very early part of the year when one is all determined that this will be the year where you do stuff. That can be stuff in general or a particular thing that is a subset of said stuff. In my case it's both, I totally intend to do stuff this year and lots of it, all the while knowing deep down that I won't, at least not all of it or as much of it as I'd like. Still, one intends. The particular thing I intend (but deep down think I won't really) to do is this, write, here on this blog. Just at all, or more. Really it's not that much of a resolution you'd think I should be able to manage it. Pitiful. *shakes head at self*.

Here is me, during last night's/this morning's revelries.