Monday, April 30, 2012

"gets a bit nostalgic, but not that much*

The play is done. Closing night.. (well afternoon) was yesterday and it went well. Well sorta.. kind of a man short and a few small things but as usual, the play was good and the audience liked it, got direct feedback this time because I had people in the audience. I screwed up all my bits but as I'm insignificant, as usual, it didn't matter. Oh.. and got some snaps.. (courtesy of my people in the audience). Here's something like what it looked like.

Closing night..

That's me in the hideous white thing in the back, trying not to laugh.

*sighs* I'm already starting to miss the thrill of the theatre.. but, it's not all over yet. Now for the filming bit. Don't know if I mentioned there's a filming bit.. well there is. Not that much sure exactly what it will entail. Filming of course, and doing scenes from the play again. I shall see.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goodness.. we're nearly done!

So 4 shows done! The short response is it's all been going well. The longer response would involve me grumbling a lot about how I was slightly off my cues and didn't do anything quite exactly how I wanted it to be and how some people can be a tiny bit annoying sometimes but only the smallest most miniscule bit and are totally awesome and brilliant the rest of the time.. but no one would have noticed and let's be honest no one is going to notice me very much in this show.. which is totally cool.. but yeah, so it's been going good.

Today is the matinee, a nice lovely balmy, which I can finally use to describe how things are, Sunday afternoon. There was a bit of a discussion by some if this is in fact technically a matinee because there isn't another show in the evening, but.. whatevs, it's in the daytime we call it a matinee.

And it's the last show. Afterwards... party on. Well.. maybe, and I've got people coming this time so there might actually be someone watching me. Could be a bit nervous actually... *gulps just a little*

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh and by the way...

spring came back. It might even be summer already. This is after weeks of way too cold for April overcast weather.

Of course, it didn't warm up slowly and spend a few days lingering in the just warm enough pleasant sunshine.. it just stopped being cold one day and went straight to hot. It's actually kind of good because the building we do our play in is very cold, so it works for us. I do have a big bulky hot costume though, and I do a lot of running and restraining and general beating (ok not really the beatings but it can get physical) and I do sweat a lot in that thing. I mean really.. like a fucking hippopotamus assuming they sweat more and stinkier than any other animal including pigs. Yeah, that much.

Speaking of.. the play's going good still, no major cockups and audience really likes it. I'd like to actually see it myself really. And everything's been fine except for my experience with the tram from hell after drinks after the show last night... *grumbles a bit*

Friday, April 27, 2012

So far, so good.

It would be incorrect to say that night #2 went perfectly, but does anything ever go perfectly. I would say it went well.. rather well.. very well. No problem with second night blahs or whatever seems to happen. Of course, 3 nights left and tonight is the big middle o the run.. so who knows. At this point we're veterans though, and I reckon it'll all be more and more awesome from here.. at least, I'm supposed to say that.

It's weird, being in the middle of a run of a play. I guess cos it's quite unfamiliar to me, doesn't happen too often.. many of my co actors do this all the time so it's just like.. going to the theatre and putting on a show, I suppose...

well.. off in just a little bit again, to get myself costumed and mad eup and then out there on the arena..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

One down..

4 to go. And then it's the film of the show.

So.. opening night of Marat Sade, by Akanda Praha.. went fine. Really well actually. Possibly not flawlessly.. but everyone was.. well.. kind of awesome. I can't say so for myself but I didn't mess things up for the whole cast so I did alright. I'm sure it looked amazing, and sounded good from the audience.. it looked pretty good from my position at the back.

It was very weird being up there on stage.. well, there there, in the space in the big hall, the old, disused laundry that we used for a stage.. we'd rehearsed there so often in the same space that the lead up felt like another rehearsal.. I had to keep reminding myself that an actual show was going to take place.. and when we were on.. well.. I was just there.. doing what I do. It didn't feel really nervous or anything.. of course, I have a teeny tiny role.. not even any lines.. so that could have something to do with it.

I did get a workout though.. it was my job to keep all the patients in line, one in aprticular and I sweated a bit at times.

The main thing is, the audience seemed to really like it.

So.. on to the next show.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I do this fairly often, actually.


No not that, although to be honest I do that often too.. I am human. No, this word means something different, and I'm mentioning it here, becuase it is, the Word o' the day.

Oh yeah the meaning.

fard \fahrd\  , verb:
1. To apply cosmetics.
1. Facial cosmetics.
She's farded inch-thick with affectation. She's perfumed to suffocation with the musk of pretence. The colour on her cheek is part paint, part mock-modesty.
-- Mary Cowden Clarke, The Girlhood of Shakespeare's HeroinesHolding a candle dramatically high, wrapped in a very shabby old housegown, with some kind of fard on her cheeks and her grey hair screwed up in short plaits above her ears, she had a rather ridiculous air...
-- Phyllis Bentley, Love and MoneyFard comes from the Old Low Franconian word farwiÄ‘on meaning "to dye or color." In the Old French it became farder meaning "to apply makeup."

I am a lady person.. so I do apply cosmetics every so often. well.. reasonably often. And as I'm in a play very soon, opening night tomorrow (gulp) I might just have it lathered on.. then again, maybe not much, I am playing a rather austere type functional character.. and there are characters with skin diseases so they'll need a lot of the makeup artist's time...

but yeah.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Closer.

So this play I'm in is on in 3 days now, and though we have a rehearsal every day before then... well.. it'll be ok I suppose. Yesterday's rehearsal was kind of a mess and I just realized that I like.. am nowhere near ready. Of course, I can get ready in next to no time, or in exactly the amount of time I have no more no less but still.. why it didn't occur to me to do particular things earlier on.. Id on't know. In any case.. very very busy the next few days because whenever I'm not at rehearsal.. I'm doing a whole lot of my own preparation cos I like.. really need it.

Anyway.. off in a bit, got to rehearse.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey.. what happened here?

I just posted to post a post.. and found out they've totally done something weird with blogger. I stared at the new page one is confronted with when posting "post post" or whatever.. for a full few seconds, not knowing what to do? where to start?

Then I figured it out because it's pretty simple really.. but I do't like it, it's new and different from the way I was used to so it's bad, until such time as I get used to it and it will be ok. It still remains to be seen whether there will be any boons to this new format, any useful little bits that they didn't have or I couldn't find before, but in my experience these updates tend to only vex one and never really offer anything new or better.. although blogger doesn't have a habit of updating all the time just as you get used to the new way of doing things and start to be ok with it so possibly there will be some improvements.

I'll see.

Don't worry about what I was going to write originally, it wasn't really much of anything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day of rest.

It's like my last Sunday.. until.. well a little more than a week from now. Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but no rehearsal.. no work, well not much of that now, more on that later..

starting tomorrow it's rehearsal every day until the show, then the show, then the filming. Well except for Friday, and.. no, that's it. And after the filming I'll be..

I'll be.. um. Well we'll see. Let's just get through this first.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fuck.. it's like.. next week!

So... this play I'm in starts what can technically be called next week now and I do't know about anyone else but I don't feel ready, or close enough to ready for 3 or 4 rehearsals to make me so. Of course, I have a tiny tiny role that you can't really fuck up but if anyone can do it.. well probably not me I'm usually good at getting through these kinds of things.. even if I"m a bit.. iffy.

The one thing about having a tiny role that doesn't matter is that although your role is tiny and doesn't matter so no one really gives you specific directions and they don't bother rehearsing parts that you have something kinda difficult to do properly.. is that when you miss a cue or screw up or injure someone while dragging them across a hard floor you're still a fucking idiot for fucking it up and even more so because you have hardly anything to do all these other people have tons of stuff they need to remember and you have hardly anything and you can't even do that!!!

Well it's not exactly like that.. but it could be. All the major big rehearsals are all ahead of me so I'll see.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm free!

Yes, free. We're free, finally. Our place is ours, the living room will once again be our living room if you don't pay attention to all the junk being stored here. No more having to wait up and then run downstairs because when it's really really late people double lock the door to the building and it's always really really late when it's time...

yes. Done, that's it. I mean, I'm not counting chickens or anything, I'm not rushing full force ahead without brakes on, I'm not banking on this being done for once and for all..

ok so I am. What I should be doing is holding my breath.. but fuck it. About fucking time!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

And we're back.

Finally! Had a meeting tonight. Well, was going to meet our other member.. that is other singular we had others but one seems to have dropped out at least temporarily and most probably permanently, so we, the 2 of us who live together just had dinner down the road but we did talk about stuff.. a bit. And had our pens and paper there and everything!

And this weekend we'll do more. At least we intend to so.. um. good. I did just receive evidence that people have been working on stuff so..

I really should keep banging on about this stuff, if I didn't keep banging on then there wouldn't be this expectation from the world. .ie 2 people, actually probably one at this point that something is going to materialize.. so I should just shut up about it. Problem is, I don't have anything else to write about.. except for that it's raining.

O btw it's raining. Well it was.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Jesus Has Risen.

*giggles* That sound a bit rude really. Anyway he didn't do it just now, it was yesterday (I think) I mean thousands of years ago I mean it didn't happen it's a really old story that's ridiculous but nevertheless many people believe it. Whatev.

In not at all related news I saw a man with a really big.. er, ostrich today. He was riding an ostrich in Wenceslas Square, well wearing an ostrich and it looked a bit.. er rude.. you know like Jesus, when he's risen.

Ok, enough of that silliness, now for a (not actually entirely) different kind of silliness. I got whacked today. That's what we do on Easter Monday. I've tried to start a new tradition here which I find more appropriate for myself and a modern culture but it hasn't quite caught on.. yet. In any case, it's not over yet.

The Eggelsons say...

Oh and we had eggs.. well not yet really. This little family are still with us, for now.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Ah.. them holidays.

It's Easter Sunday and I'm about to maybe bother to paint some eggs. I'll have to do it like, with a paintbrush and everything so who knows if I'll actually do it. Maybe I'll just draw faces on them.

Just got back from rehearsal for a show that on in like.. *gulps* 2 weeks. Are we ready? Well.. it's not for 2 weeks is it? So no, not ready. On the way there it snowed. Lightly, for a short time but it snowed.. and on spring holiday thing of the year #.. 2 or something. Can you believe it? Of course the trams and metros are all fucked up as they are sometime and particularly when you need to get places that need 2 or more modes of transport to get to.. and it's unseasonably cold and even though you know it you still can't bring yourself to dress like it's really winter, and you're wearing your comfy move around clothes.. and anyway I took a bus the long way and it took fucking FOREVER... but I was on time, I mean I was only as late as everyone else was.

And, it seems as if I'm moving on. Changing work, changing, well work not much else. Everything else is much as it has been.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I wish it would stop raining.

It was so nice before.

So.. there's a play at the end of this month, I'm in it. It's coming along er... well, it's coming along and I have about 5 rehearsals between now and then. *doesn't panic or anything*

I sorta am not necessarily employed at the moment, I mean I am, I'm dong stuff and doing what I have been doing but not as officially as I have, and am doing 2 or 3 new things, but the other things.. haven't sorted out yet.

Oh yeah it's raining. It's gotten colder again too. Not so cool with that.

Sometimes I think I should be younger than I am.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

More public transport related annoyances..

I have a lot of these, and I rant on about each individual one again and again, but I may have not necessarily mentioned this particular one in this particular space before. Then again I might have, but it's probably long enough ago and boring enough so that no one will recognize it.. considering there is at most 2 people who will ever read this, I reckon I'm safe.

This is one which doesn't happen so often, because it's one of those unwritten (or maybe it's written somewhere, I don't know, the rule book for decent people or something).. anyway people know not to do this, even traveling through the center to the touristy areas I work, with international travelers galore.. people seem to know.

Anyway, I was getting off the tram, and managed to get off, I was at the door, no one in front of me.. and there was a huge group of people just outside the door.. there appeared to be a single large group of young tourists there, and one of them got in front of me, in the direction I was going to walk, and the others just started piling on.. or I think they did, I shoved through the second person so I could go my original route which is more direct and dammit I'm going to work and I'M SUPPOSED TO BE LET OFF FIRST ANYWAY and I didn't see.. but I think a whole bunch of them just crammed in, probably not letting some of the other people off.

So.. the rule is you're supposed to let people off first. Sometimes you get on while someone is trying to get off.. I do quite often but it's when someone takes their time or realizes at the last minute they need to get off there and I do what I can to get out of their way.. but at busy stops, which this one was, you stand there.. because a lot of people are going to get out, and wait.. wait and wait until they're all off, or until you have good reason to believe that most people are off. Then you get on. These people didn't do that. Bad people they were. Bad.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Kay, so that wasn't really it.

My so called feature film. That was just.. well.. um.. fooled ya! Yeah, nothing much, just a video to put there for putting a video there's sake. I was kinda drunk when I filmed it and edited it to be honest, and haven't even looked at it since.. and don't think I will either. Not sure I want to see it in my current sober state.

So it was a bit of a joke, yeah check the date and of course my major project will be much more.. major, and is still coming. I mean, whenever I get started on that not that I'm not doing anything but you see these things go kinda slowly.. for me.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

And finally.. my feature film..

*feels very proud and stuff*

*looks around*