Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I may become a biblical scholar after all..

you know, I've tried once or twice to read the bible..  you know that book that's supposed to be the central whatsit of that big religion thing that so many people in the world, and specifically any part of the world I've ever lived in (at least culturally if not very much in the following it properly way of things, not here where I live now anyway, but whatev) make such a big deal about but.. I got as far as genesis.. something something, very early. They start going on about someone begat someone and I start to snooze.

I mean it's not that I have the most honorable intentions for reading the thing. I've already decided it's rubbish, and the whole religion it (well partly, along with the whole institution of the or various churches which is/are not necessarily entirely true to the bible, if random stuff I read has any truth to it) er.. yeah the religion that follows it is at best something that has no value for me, and at worst an oppressive, murderous, regime which wants to control everyone.. and mostly somewhere in between, but I don't care to follow it, or indeed believe in the basic premise of a magic guy up there who controls everything who is simultaneously super nice but also a total dick. My main reason for wanting to know what's actually in the thing, apart from the best known stories that most people know is.. well, just knowing stuff. It's a load of rubbish but it's an important load of rubbish to the western world, and it's good to know something about what people believe, if most of the time it's filtered through various writings by preachers over the ages but anyway. And it can tell us something about the people and the culture of the time it was written.

Just what am I bleeding raving on about already! Well it's this. The Brick Testament. The bible told with lego people. It's awesome.


moshmangus said...

The brick bible is a cool idea, some novelty to try to get new people interested into their religion (or shit). I think life for everyone would be much more appreciable without it.

Michelle said...

I think everything should be done in brick version, history, Shakespeare... hmm.. maybe it's already been done..