Monday, January 06, 2014

One to mark off.

Maybe two. My first Monday o' the year was not a bad one, re getting stuff done and feeling productive and stuff. I do feel the need to point out which I do every single time I write about doing stuff and having a life and anything that involves doing anything or being in any way somewhat similar to a regular person that this is all relative, productive for me means, well not a whole lot for normal people, but nevertheless it was a day of doing stuff.

I did more than 10 minutes on the bike, whereas usually I feel I can barely do more than 5. That is seriously pathetic, and maybe it's just because I'm not used tot hat sort of exercise because I don't think it's because i'm seriously unfit because I wasn't until quite recently and I wasn't able to do much more on the bike than that before when I didn't feel or maybe didn't realize I was so unfit. Anyway, I did it, eleven minutes, and that's ass well as the pushups and stretches, which I don't usually do either.

I wrote some emails. Well messages through a site.. I tried writing an email, it was for a job and that's a big deal for me which is sad to admit but it is, there you go I'm sharing deep dark embarrassing details I should be proud, anyway, I tried to write it through my more official email the one with my name and not something about being a mutant cat and the text box or whatever you call it kept closing on me, or asking me to close I don't know, for no reason, and then when I was done, it just disappeared, like I tapped the wrong thing or something, and it closed, and my draft had the first few words of my first version which I'd changed because it sounded stupid. Anyway, I didn't bother with that again but later wrote to them another way.The other one was for a pink guitar, and I'm not going to say which one excites me more it should be obvious.

I made bread. That's not exciting but I cooked a big, well it didn't look so big but I cooked a chilli in our new massive big pot. It didn't look like a lot, filled it about a quarter but it is a big pot. I went outside too, which also shouldn't be an issue but shit.. it's been a while since I've been out properly, I won't say since last year because it's not but.. well it's the other day, but it wasn't daylight.

I need to get something of import or at least of interest to write about. Or alternatively get some kind of life. Those are both also resolutions for this year, well for every year.

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