Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oh yeah.. JMG!

January is usually a kind of shit month. Well.. not really, the past few Januaries have been..probably ranked similarly to the other months, I don't know, but it's generally a dreary month,winter, post holiday all that.

This one's been ok for these eleven days, relatively warm, even unseasonally warm I might say which is nice though I do like snow and would like some.. though I've kind of forgotten it even does that, over the weeks, well the weather is ok. And other stuff.. well.. haven't gotten too far with my whole "this is the year" plan, but it's been ok. Nothing spectacular, but ok.

Still tradition is tradition, and I'm nothing if not traditional and we decided that Jan Must Go one day.. one January day I'd guess, a few years ago, so it must go. We've managed to get rid of almost eleven days not there are only.. um, 20 left. I will destroy them. If I do nothing else this year, I wll at least get us to Feb.


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