Thursday, January 16, 2014

About "this much"

*stretches out arms as far as they go*

no... I didn't catch a fish or... *struggles to find something that fits the actual sentence, which you'll figure out as soon as I explain* *doesn't*

ok I'm referring to yesterday's post about feebleness. Now, you might notice that I am actually writing and posting right now? That is I will be when I'm done yes yes, let's just take that as read.. well anyway, so obviously, I'm using a computer and online. Well I am, that's fine.. computer working, check, internet on.. well yeah but..

it's working weird.. some sites work, and some just don't, it loads and loads and loads and doesn't come. It's a lot of them, including some which I spend 70-89% of my time on, if not more.

Don't know what to do with myself, really. *sighs*


Ronald said...

Any improvement with the 'puter?

How awful, without 'site'... cyber-blindness, it's an awful affliction. I hope you regain this most important faculty.

Michelle said...

I did actually, came back soon after, but it was tough while it lasted.

Now.. what new horrors befall me today, I wonder.

Michelle said...

"will befall" I mean