Monday, January 13, 2014

Coming back to haunt me..

It's back again. That.. it. It hasn't been here since the very second it turned this year, except for 1pm every day but here it is.. just for a day. Dum da da dum... It's the 13th.. yeah, big deal I know but.. well, I have managed to write something for that many days and one does begin to run out of things to write which I did around day 3, and that's only if you count utterly pointless and stupid stuff where was I? oh yeah..

If was to be a super nerd about it which I will be just for the purpose of this entry, say there were more months in the year, at least 13, then this would be the 13th month of last year, making it 13.13.13.. triple whammy o triskaidaterror... and it's January, oh yeah and Monday.. and it was a grey dreary day. Some of it was anyway, maybe about an hour.. but that counts.

actually, today has been a perfectly average day, nothing spectacular but nothing really negative either so perhaps my interpretation is flawed. Or maybe it's just all utterly meaningless. Insert something very clever here which I thought of before while I was mixing rice with lentils as I was composing this in my head which I have now completely forgotten. If it comes back I'll let you know. And with that, it's a good night from me.

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