Friday, January 24, 2014

At the end o' the week..

well it's Friday. People do tend to make a big deal about that, I suppose it matters if you work, and if you work a regular full time regular hours job, and if you live somewhere where the weekends fall on the general Western lines of Saturday and Sunday or even just Saturday, I can understand why. I remember, way back when.. blogging was not exactly in it's infancy, but it was around the time I joined the club, so to speak that there were these themes on Fridays.. Friday cat 5, cat club, random.. cats.. or something. Something to do with cats. I think there may have been some that were not cat related but there was definitely some cat stuff. Today I'm going to be old timery and do a post that is cat related, somewhat, for Friday. I'm currently creating a website for Cooley, the cat, our cat who I may have mentioned a bit here on this very blog. I'm actually creating about 5 websites simultaneously if by "creating" you mean made folders for, but Cooley is the one I'm working on mostly because I don't really know what will be in any of the others yet, though I want to learn and relearn and add to my learning of website building.. you know, html, xml, css and all that. You know. So I'm doing this. Well I was doing this, been ill the past few days, but I worked on it for a full 2 and a half days during which I spent probably and hour an a bit each, on and on working on this site while flipping back and forth between whatever I was doing.. then I became too weak or more accurately, irritated to sit at the comp reading text and stuff so I spent the day lounging around watching stuff on the computer from a slight distance as opposed to reading stuff on the computer from close.. and then after I forgot I'd been doing it, along with all the other things I forgot I was doing because I started doing something else or I went out or I didn't feel like doing it anymore and didn't do it for a bit and then forgot or because I made coffee or something. I'll get back to doing it though. I have some ideas. I was thinking about it last night.. just as I was about to fall asleep.

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