Sunday, January 26, 2014

There's a saying..

we have, it goes "Australia sees the light at the end of Jan like, something..." ok it's just me that has this saying, and I just (almost) made it up. It is Australia day today, the anniversary of the day a bunch of white people settling in a land that was already populated by people and saying "hey, look what we discovered? No one lives here, not really, so let's move in". One of them anyway. It's a holiday that never been of any note to me, and as I left the place, instead of staying long enough... and my life had taken a considerably different path than the one it has here.. for the potential day off that falls in what is already the summer holidays but not necessarily work holidays, thus giving the holiday some kind of relevance to me, I usually even barely notice it. For some reason I did note the date today, no significance, just remembered. One thing for it, it falls in late January, meaning there is less than a week left for this cur-sed month. You know why I wrote it like that, make sure you pronounce that correctly. I know the turn o' the month doesn't actually mean anything, there's no magic, no better luck that will befall me just because the month has a different name but 2 things are very true. 1) By February, this damn cough/cold/whatever the fuck is wrong with me should be over with, and 2) I'll be back on the booze, because I have been drinking this month, except for the times that I drank, but I won't be not drinking in Feb which may not be exactly great in some aspects, but I still like to have the option.

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