Thursday, January 23, 2014


my head is spinning like a thing that spins in a way that feels very uncomfortable and sore and makes you dizzy when you stand up after being seated for a while so that you aren't feeling it quite so much and forgot how bad it is. And I have a sore throat. I'm really bad with feeling sick, I know nobody likes it but I'm sure that there are people who are noble and dignified with illness, or at least with minor maladies like a cold or flu or whatever it is I have it's weird it feels a bit different to the usual sore throats and general colds I get about 80 times a year, mostly in the cold months. So yeah I'm whining about it, although I do have the luxury of mostly being able to rest in warmth and comfort, if you don't count that cat that WON'T LET UP I KEEP FEEDING HER AND SHE KEEPS WANTING MORE AND SHE KEEPS MEOWING AND SCRATCHING THINGS AND KNOCKING THINGS OFF THINGS but otherwise, I have it pretty good. I mean I missed a show tonight, that would have been cool, but better than having to go out there, into the -3 that feels like -7, yes that's actually cold, much colder than it has been so far this winter. I hope I get better soon, you may have noted that I don't exactly like this.

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