Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Starting Again.

And here we are. The hoopla is over and we're in a new year. Happy New Year everyone! So far it's been kind of bla.. well, after the initial bit on the hill with all the people and booze and fireworks in what didn't seem too cold until the excitement died down, was ok. Just your usual NYE fun. This morning however, that is, the part of the morning where you've gone to bed and slept and it's now daylight, was crappy. Sore throat, dry cough, splitting headache and other er. feminine issues I won't go into, I was physically poorly. And then I see my first message at all of 2014 is from the bank telling me I need to balance my account in 5 days or they'll charge me a chunk more and I know it's because my account is more under what it was because I've been charged the fee for the month already (at 5am or earlier on public holiday) because I didn't manage to succeed in my last minute attempt to close the account due to their special December 31st early closing hours. So yeah. 14, not great so far. Not too much of an improvement on the unlucky 13.. I hope for the triskaidekaphobes' as well as my own sake it's just one of those new year's day bugs.. the hangover and all that, and things will marginally improve when they get back to normal.. those sighs weren't for nothing, I hope. Then again, once, 100 years ago.. the trisks of the world also sighed, a big fucking sigh, knowing that 1913 was over! They would never have to live through that year again, whatever was to come, and whatever the next year, 2014 was to bring. Little did they know that there was this archduke, who was living in this little castle, just outside of Prague... oh well.. if history can tell us one thing, it's that it can tell us nothing. And no, I don't mean we can't learn anything from history, it's incredibly important that we learn lessons from history in order to improve things and not repeat the worst mistakes, its' just that.. stuff like this, really doesn't mean anything. This year will be whatever it will be, I simply don't know otherwise. Though I am glad it's '14 now. Not so glad about it being Jan. Grrr.. Jan.

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