Wednesday, January 08, 2014

See.. it's true.

Global warming it is. I tell you this because it's warm here.. warm! That is a few degrees more than is usual this season and it's been a pretty mild winter so far.

Last winter, was long, and the winter before that, was brutal, but that doesn't count.I understand that there are places in the world where it's desperately freezing, and way cold even for this time of year which is nevertheless winter (in the northern hem anyway) but it doesn't count. It doesn't count because right now I'm experiencing above average temperatures at this time for where I am.*

Oh it's quite warm here, for winter.. I've already said it about 14 times before writing it down here, and now it's been put down on paper so to speak it's official, so if it's going to hurtle down to below zero again and feel like at least 4 degrees below whatever temperature it is then I've already sealed that fate. To tell you the truth I'd like it to snow. If it could just snow but still be kinda warm that would be great. You listening weather gods?

I'm going out tonight. I might have a beer, but it will be one of the few I have in January, I promise. Not that I'll have a beer although that's pretty much a given, the other thing. Of course, I don't have a limit to a particular number of beers, and at this rate I'm almost certain to have fewer than I do an average month, but still.

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