Thursday, January 02, 2014

Worth a try.

I'm going to try to write every day again. At least for a month. I didn't manage it for November or December but it's a new year all shiny and fresh and all that. So there you go. I don't know if it's a good idea or not. If I don't put arbitrary rules in place then I end up not writing at all. If I have the rules then I end up writing every day just for the sake of writing. It's like that with everything, when I do my 365 project or any of that photography related stuff I take a photo every day and most of the time I'm "phoning it in" as they say. At least I think that means something that makes sense in that context, and of course, when I don't have a project, I hardly take them at all. I don't know, if there was only something in the middle, where I'd do things, regularly, but when I do, do them properly, maybe it's just not in me.

Well, I have this year started 2 photography projects, or plan to. I started another 365 days of photos, but not self portraits this time, just photos. So far I've snapped some shots for the sake of it, well I used one just after midnight blurry shot for yesterday and after looking at a few what I thought might be ok photos on the computer and seeing they were actually crap I took a shot of Cooley. So I'm kinda just doing it for the sake of doing it again, and I don't know, but so far, taking random photos seems harder than self portraits. And I thought I'd do a 52 week self portrait project but I haven't really even looked at groups for that or decided on rules, but I'd like to keep doing them regularly, only actual good ones, you know. I'll see if I actually do that one, or continue doing the other one.

Second day in already, and it all seems the same. Of course, it is Jan, which is generally pretty dreary. I'm hoping it's the Jan thing that's making it like this because I really hope this year will be better but for now it's kinda.. bleh.. boring every day stuff to worry about and you know I'm a mess and my life's a mess so it's the more annoying everyday stuff. The usual new year messy inbox problem where all my emails from December revert to having an all digit date including the year, except this time that year is that number, the number of the year the one that just passed and I have to stare at that every time I look at my emails. For a while anyway.

And no one seems to be around, but that's not much of a difference from any time of year.


Ronald said...

Happy New Year and stuff!

Michelle said...

Why hello there, a happy new year to you too, and stuff as well.