Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new thing.

To add to the list of things, you know the things, the ones I'm doing, like... well there are things. I'm sure I wrote them down somewhere. Anyway, the new thing is to learn the guitar, I would say relearn because I did used to know how to play, well, a little, and I tried out a few chords and it looks like I'll be starting all over again. Today I procured myself a guitar. I may have mentioned it a week or so ago, have been trying to buy it for over a week now, and thought I probably wouldn't end up getting it, but now it's here, home and safe. This particular guitar is pink, is missing one string and seems to work ok, as far as I know about guitars which is very little, in fact, the missing string makes next to no difference to me, though I'm hoping to get that sorted out at some point, as well as to have the need for it to be sorted out. For now, I'm just trying to learn chords.

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