Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barely a day left to go..

until this month, this Jan is over. Too bad it doesn't also mean I will be rid of this ailment this hacking, violent cough that keeps me up at night and attacks me at regular intervals during the day. Slightly less and slightly gentler each night, to be sure, and mostly better every day although yesterday was terrible, I made myself dizzy a few times, today, not quite as bad but.. well anyway, I did get that guitar. A nice, shiny, slightly battered, missing one string, very pink guitar. I do know how to play a little, but it turns out that I'm no longer able to. Looks like I'm learning all over again, going slowly so far, but, these things take time. Well.. I've almost managed a post every day this month, let's see if I don't let myself down on the rapidly approaching final day o the month..


Ronald said...

I've been messing about with a guitar for over 18 months now. I've had private tuition, group tuition, and now I'm going it alone. Guess what? I'm not a natural!

Good luck with the hacking cough.

Michelle said...

well, the cough seems to be getting better, but very slowly, last night wasn't so bad.. now I'm hacking away again so.. whatever, you probably don't need the details..

I'm not expecting the guitar to go smoothly, or so quickly.. but at least I finally got one