Thursday, January 09, 2014

When one fails...

one usually gives up. Or just.. yanno, fails and that's it's over because the thing you were doing was the thing and now that thing isn't.. I mean, it's over, so you know. Well anyway that's how it usually is. Otherwise one usually gives up. One is referring to oneself of course.

This time however, I shan't do that. Or the other thing, which isn't relevant because I actually have some say about this.

So, I, along with another person who I've met like, 3 times who wrote something on Facebook are creating a new group, classes thingy for actors. Yes, creating. Well trying. We met a few times in December to talk about it, and tried to get more people who were interested in this thing whatever it's going to be to come to the meetings and one other person did, and then no one else did, or they did but we didn't bother to get phone numbers or know what anyone looked like or anything and we missed each other. Oh well, you learn.

Today was the first actual class, thing, whatever it is. The other founder (as I shall in future refer to us as, when I think of it) is a teacher so has access to actual classrooms, so that was where it was, but we met at a tram stop at a particular time. I met him. It was a crowded tram stop and we didn't see anyone else, well, not that we knew what they looked like, or had their number. There was one other person who had RSVPs that is selected going on the FB event, and her name was Anne or something beginning with A, or something. So we waited, and then went to check out the classroom. He got his laptop out and contacted her and she said she was there but we weren't and that went back and forth, anyway, then we got to talking about um.. what are we actually going to do in these meeting/class/thingies.. good question, I didn't know, do you know, no I don't know do you know? So we, as the founders and er.. I guess teachers, had a responsibility to actually have some material for this thing.. so probably good no one showed.

By the end of our meeting, teachers meeting you can call it, we had a schedule for next week, proper meeting instructions and everything and even stuff planned for the class so hopefully, next week, finally it will start to be something.

I'm quite proud really. After just over a month and 3 meetings, between the 2 of us we've managed to be about as organized as a reasonably competent person can be expected to be in an afternoon of planning. Not bad really.

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