Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ideas, plans, dreams.

I'm full of them. I've been quite productive in coming up with various combinations of those recently. I had a moment there, a few days back where I had a list of things.. and I was well on my way to.. well, doing a bit of them. Then somehow, forgot about it all, despite the numerous reminders I leave on my phone.. every day.. for the same things.

I still have faith though. I will do these things. I want to do these things and I think I can. I just need to set myself a one at a time, or a just a few at a time schedule because otherwise once I start on something everything related to the others goes out the window.. and then when I get past that easy + kinda interesting starting stage.. leave it, go to something else, it never goes further. I just have to keep reminding myself that there are things.. there is stuff.

Tomorrow is Monday, and Monday is the kind of day one does work, so I will start actually making headway with something, at least one thing. And try to dig out of my memory hole all those other things that were once going to turn into something that I forgot long ago. Maybe I should write it all down. Write down everything, as I think about it and weekly make a list of everything, along with noisy intrusive reminders about it all. Or something else, but something. Yes, something.

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