Sunday, January 05, 2014

Once again.

I'm still doing it. I've beaten my record for November and equaled December by posting (which I assume at this point I will) today. We'll see if I can make it further still, and in fact if I can make it through the whole month without missing a day. Also if I can make it through January without drinking, not counting the hours after midnight on new year's eve and the few nights there are shows I plan to go to and a drink with dinner once or twice, maybe I have more chance of managing that.

So far this month I haven't actually had anything to write rather than writing for the sake of writing, hence this writing about writing about the project of writing every day that I'm writing about today. Nothing going on my life, no interesting quirky ideas I feel like making a point about, nothing profound not that I ever write anything like that and certainly no brilliant or at least kinda cool ideas I have in the middle of the night that I write out word for witty word in my head as I lay in bed just to be too lazy to write it down the next day until such time has gone by that I've forgotten all the best bits and it's not relevant anymore anyway. Just nothing except for filling up space. I'm hoping this will change for one reason or another.

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