Friday, January 03, 2014

I feel fine.

Mostly. I got a slight tickle in my throat before the new year, it didn't get worse but it didn't go away, then I felt all stuffed up and sniffly. Anyway, whatever this is, this mini cold I've been experiencing is over the worst, which was never very bad at all, so I'd be quite happy that in a day or 2 or even tomorrow I'm going to be mostly, or entirely better. No more sore throat or sniffles, no more ringing in the ears, though that might have had more to do with fireworks, but nevertheless none of that. The cough will remain though. The cough is the worst bit. I go by hours feeling right as rain, as well as a whistle and other cliches too numerous to mention and then I start hacking away like, well someone with a really bad cough. And i's worst at night, while trying to sleep which doesn't come to easily, due to the cough.

I know this because my coughs always stay with me for ages, it seems like most of the time I have at least a bit of a cough, and a fair bit of the time I have a quite worrying one. Sometimes, after weeks and weeks, even months I don't have one at all, but then I get the tiniest sniffle and it's back again, and it stays, and it will do that again which fucking sucks.

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