Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How feeble am I?

For a second there thought I'd lost another one. The computer I'm using, both at the moment and "generally".. not my computer, not that the other one or any of "my" computers have ever been mine really, but this one isn't, this is just what I'm using until I get a monitor that works so I can get back to using the other one which isn't really mine but for all general purposes, which is not a lot at the moment without a proper monitor for it, is mine.

That was actually the middle of a sentence, so getting back to that, this computer almost succumbed to the me curse. After destroying 2 monitors in rapid succession and.. well nothing else but 2 monitors died, or ceased working in a way that makes it possible to be on a computer one right after another, and then today this one acted all weirdly.

It started when Cooley, the cat decided to get on the keyboard when I walked away from the comp for a bit, as she is wont to do, and often does and even more often tries to and I need to hold her off.. but there she was sitting on the comp so I got her off there and the screen was weird. Not really weird, like with 147 browsers open, or with a random selection of letters typed in Quicksearch or open in carat browsing whatever that is or upside down which are all things this computer (well not necessarily this computer but a computer that I've used in the last few years) has experienced, courtesy of the very Cooley which we speak, but it was weird. The bottom bar was different with half the stuff missing and things were just stuck. I managed to get back to something I was doing but it dragged, and I don't like it when my settings get all different and stuff and I couldn't change it back so I restarted the comp.

So it closed down, didn't restart though.. odd I thought, I'm sure I selected restart anyway I'm going on about this way too long already and basically it wouldn't turn back on. Oh how Cooley felt my wrath, or tuned out some serious scolding anyway, and I tried and tried again.. thinking shit.. what I'm I going to use now? Because not using any comp is well.. unthinkable.. what would I do.. I need it for.. communication, finding jobs and stuff and I don't even do that stuff.. like, ever, well not very often and I'm still at a loss for not just what I'll do all day but what I'll do at all.. ever!

Well I let it rest a bit and it came back on.. but really, it's not ideal.. oh so feeble am I, and really, it didn't take this incident to know that.. I'm more than aware of my total reliance on the humble comp but, sometimes you just have to think about it, you know.

Now that's written I won't be bothering myself about this issue again. Until next time.

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