Saturday, January 04, 2014

Too many floors, a lot of steps.

We have no elevator in the building. It wouldn't matter except we live on the 4th floor and that might not seem like so much unless you've been in a situation where you have to climb 4 or more flights of stairs regularly. When we first moved here we thought.. oh shit, but it'll make us fit, and after a while we'll get used to it and we won't even feel it. Well neither of those things happened. It's pretty much exactly the same as when I moved in. I'm not saying there aren't times when I fly up the stairs, sometimes when I'm at my healthiest and it's the first time of the day coming back from somewhere, but more usually when I;m drunk. We walk up the stairs waking up every level as we go by with our loud foreign language ramblings about nothing in particular but definitely something stupid, and before we know it, we're home, time to harass the cat.. but usually, it's a hike. On a normal day it's annoying and I get a bit breathless by the top, if it's late, or if I'm feeling anything less than 100%, or I've gone out and come back more than twice that day, it's even worse. Today I felt dizzy near the top, I don't know if it's because of my minor malady that consists of a slight cold and a nasty cough, of because I'd hardly eaten all day, or because I'm just plain unfit which I've felt myself being for a while now. I think it may be the last one, is it too late for a ny rez? Resolution #4, regardless of how many others I already had, get fit! Of course, if I make it a resolution I won't do it, that's traditional, but, it's too late to make a resolution so it isn't one, so maybe I'll do it. I probably won't, but maybe I will.


Ronald said...

Stairs are great for the legs and buttocks, so I suggest you embrace this "gift" and purposefully go out more often than you need to, just so's you can have the pleasure of climbing those stairs again. Maybe you could time yourself too, setting a personal best, which you can then try to beat. Think of the fun?

Michelle said...

Yes, that sounds like fun. I have actually planned more than once to make a habit of going out more, for the purpose of doing things.. like the garbage and the recycling gets kind of built up around here because going down and back up again just to take something out is a pain, but to keep that under control, walk outside in the sun.. I mean the dayli I mean well outside and just general stuff.. oh and for the purpose of getting used to the stairs and generally fit. Don't ever do it though.