Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lazy Saturday afternoon another photo of me blogging

being weird
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Early March and not quite spring yet, I thought I'd blog yet another photo from years gone by. This one's about 3 years old, taken one strange night. You might be able to guess that both I and the photographer were drunk at the time.

In not entirely unrelated news, it snowed yesteday! It was a complete surprise, I walked out the door to go home and everything was white. I had no idea it'd been snowing, it was dry and sunny on my walk up here and the blind had been closed all day in respect to the delicate condition of the one who resides here. Of course it would wait until March to start snowing like it's winter, pretty typical as far as the weather here goes.

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Don said...

I hope I'm misunderstanding you when you say you're "being weird". This implies you have non-weird states. Please tell me this isn't so? Please tell me you are weird by nature. I thought I'd found a kindred spirit, and I don't really want the trouble of resuming my search.