Friday, March 31, 2006

Half empty or 50% empty?

Life has slipped back into it's usual pattern here where I spend the day. The official resident is snoozing in his room, Craig the whistling ghost has just started his daily repertoire of unknown tunes, and I'm just doing the usual.

For a few days work was actually getting done, which I would consider a positive thing, but the last few days the official resident has been meeting a friend who's just moved here from America every night, getting drunk and sleeping most of the day. This allows me to sit blissfully alone as I connect with the world out there, encumbered only by a poor internet connection that only allows me to do what I want to do when it wants me to do it.

Until of course, that hour when he blearily stumbles out of bed, placing himself on the couch and proceeding to ramble on about the night before's stupidity. Usually someone will call, and he'll go through it all again, loudly on the phone. I listen to this until he inevitably goes out, after getting little or no work done, to meet his friends to do it all over again.

The parts where he's just not around are fine with me, it's the parts where he's in the room that drive me up the friggin wall. There are some definite changes that need to be made in my life. One of these days I might actually do it.


Denny Shane said...

hmmm I wish I had decent advice for you... all my advice includes money however.

Michelle said...

Well, my own advice does too, or more like some kind of employment that's got nothing to do with here which will provide me with that money.

One of these days I'll fix the problem. Soon-ish.

Denny Shane said...

which problem? money or whistler?

Michelle said...

I don't know what were you talking about?