Thursday, March 16, 2006

I now pronounce you, respectable!

Czech gays may now have their civil unions recognised. Not exactly marriage, but close. The vote was passed yesterday, overturning a veto by President Vaclav Klaus.

He had argued the legislation amounted to excessive regulation by the state of people's private lives.
A bullshit argument if I ever heard one. Most likely he just doesn't like gays because he thinks they're yucky. Or "fuj" as you would say in Czech.
In a statement released after the vote, Mr Klaus said the result was not a personal defeat but rather "a defeat for all of us who believe that the family in our society is fundamental, unique, unrivalled".
Gays are "fuj" again. The only advice to people who are bothered by this is to say, "just don't think about it". You won't notice anything at all. The only people who it's going to make any bit of difference to are the people who will use it, and they are not opposed to it.
The BBC's Rob Cameron in Prague says Czech society is one of the most secular and sexually liberal in Europe.
True, and true in a way. The Czech Republic in some ways is known to be a little behind on issues like feminism, racism and gay rights, in some ways, in other ways no. Of course, that was then. Before Vladko.

Vladko Dobrodovsky (right) and boyfriend Robert. Vladko is the winner of last year's Vyvoleni, the Czech Republic's first reality show. Oh he flamed, he ranted,he argued, he cleaned, he cooked, he cut off his long black mane, he went off about every little thing and developed a crush on co star Michal, but people loved him.

If you want to thank/blame anyone for this turn of events, he's the guy to call.


Chymera said...

Ok now I understand the everyone will be gay comment on my "stolen" post.

Sounds like Indianapolis and the Czech Republic aren't as different as I had hoped. Soon after I moved here there was a whole big thing about Indianapolis passing an ordinance banning discrimination against gays in the job market and in housing. People went completely nuts when it passed.
I don't think we had a Vladko though, so the sanctity of the American family value system is still intact. Which basically means that you have to have a man and a woman in a marriage so the man will have someone he can beat on and make children for him to raise as religious, racial, sexual, and sexual preference bigots. Hurray for that American family value known as Hate!!!
But at least President Klaus isn't saying that this whole thing is the fault of Spongebob, and the purple teletubby. Those godshmling agents of the gay agenda (whatever the fuck that means) Just wait until Reverand Falwell hears whats going on in your heathern corner of the World. He'll be over there bilking money from people who have lost so much hope they would believe him. Ok I think I did my rant for the day--thank you.

Michelle said...

The comment on your post was actually very tongue in cheek and not really related to this.

I think that Klaus' objection was mostly because he considers himself what Americans would call "conservative", and wants to emulate their views on issues. The comment about regulating people's private lives sounds just like what they would say. But I'm just guessing, I could be wrong.

I don't know of any valid objections to letting gay people marry, or whatever the civil union is called. The only objections there seem to be is "I don't like it", by people whom the marriages of other people are not going to affect in the slighest. It's really just a load of qmnyobm.

Chymera said...

Well the whole conservative thing is scary. Next thing you know he'll be invading Slovakia as a "pre-emptive" strike to save you from a mushroom cloud over Prague.

And as for "everyone being gay", that is a big fear over hear with the gay rights thing so I thought you were referring to that nonsense.

The biggest (public) objection here was about it being a sad day for American moral values. I agreed with them on that, because it was sad that American moral values were exposed as being mostly about hatred. I believe that many people in the US in the 1860's and 1960's were saying the same thing about letting "negroes" have "special rights" like freedom, voting, and not being lynched.

If this keeps up the women will want to be treated equally then the US will have big problems. Well at least the old yqeyfs that run the place.

It all makes me SO proud to be a white heterosexual male. These guys make me look really good.

Chymera said...

Oh and I like the word "fuj" so I'll be using that a lot now--If that's okay?

Michelle said...

I was pretty much parodying the fear of "gays taking over" in the US and anywhere else it happens to me. I just wasn't partiucularly thinking of this development when I wrote it.

Oh and fuj is pronounced something between "fuy" and "foy". And it's just Czech for "ew".

Chymera said...

Yeah, I didn't know that the whole plot by gays to take over was an international problem, but I'm sure that they will soon become a part of the President's Axis of Evil, and we'll go to war with them.

In the mean time I guess I'll have to take my son some place safe like Mississippi so he won't start learning bad habits like tolerance, hygiene, or not beating his wife and kids. Because that would be just plain fuj.

Carla said...

Very glad to hear that. Maybe in the next hundred years the US will recognize same sex unions. But i personally think marriage is wayyy overrated. I'm not Christian; I think it's high time we had opposite sex "unions" and not calling it marriage. Till death due us part? Hell no, until i get tired of your ass!!

Michelle said...

I'm pretty much the same. I don't see the point in marriage, and I think one day it will be a thing of the past, people will just be together how they want to be without it being condoned by the government or the church or anything. But for the moment our society still values marriage and gives married people all sorts of benefits and to at least allow everyone to get them is going somewhere.