Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Better avoid dancers and cyclists then.

She just needs to get a real man.

Girl: How come you don't eat me out anymore?
Guy: You have ridiculously strong thighs.
Girl: So?
Guy: When you cum you crush my head.
Girl: Jesus, you're such a pussy.

--L train


Well just because it's not technical, doesn't necessarily mean it's safe.


Denny Shane said...

LOL thanks, I really needed a good laugh this morning! ;)

Don said...

I'm going to have to side with the girl on this one, assuming she's hot and horn-inducing. Well I'll be damned if I'm going to stick my head between the thighs of someone who looks like they're one chronosome-short of being Super Heayweight Champion of the world. Hairy thighs are a turn-off anyway.

This is where outdoor skills come into their own. As a cub scout I learned how to tie knots, whittle sticks, make coffee out of acorns, and fight giant crocodiles. And it's the latter skill that comes in handy here.

As your tongue flicks greedily and excitedly against the girls clitoris, and you begin to feel the initial spasms of her coming; carefully draw the previously prepared two foot wide sturdy stick towards you, being careful not to let the girl see (she might get the wrong idea, panic, and snap your neck in her frenzied attempt to get away); and at the point of no return (this has to be judged perfectly) when her thighs begin to press inwards, thrust the stick between them, all the while continuing to flick 'n lick with your tongue, but not until the death (otherwise it will be yours). It's imperative you get away and clear the area just before she peaks, otherwise you'll be in the danger zone as the wood explodes into devastating shards.

So there you have it. What's with that pussy? This is schoolboy stuff.

PS. I couldn't comment on the 'technical' link. I'm at work and it's blocked. I'll check it out when I get home.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness so much detail! I'm almost tempted to delete that comment.

But, this being not about anything too "technical", there is no sperm involved, so you get to stay.

Oh my god, did I just mention sperm? I'll have to delete myself.Ujrfb!

Chymera said...

I too side with the girl here: if he's still alive than what's the problem--no harm, no foul.

As for the technical site....well it would seem that the only technically intact would be the reciever, then there's the problem with...ok this comment is too hard to put into words without getting too technical so I'll stop here and say simply that tlmvarting without lhysting may not to lead to a guvxuukf, but there are many risks involved such as, severe pain in one's jhcphlis and various grmwbyies. Though if done correctly could be zxupmat I guess.