Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My love, why have you forsaken me?

Yesterday was terrible. I'd just got done posting, saw there was an error, and my internet connection refused to work! I couldn't get it working again all evening, and when I went home my roommate was working on his computer so I couldn't get on for even one minute to check anything.

It was terrible. I was reduced to sitting in my room and scribbling into my notebook about the day, and writing odes to the internet, my doorway to the world, a wonderful place where I am somebody. A being who matters, where I really exist, more than I do in this so called "real" world.

Yes, that magical world where dreams can come true had been cut off from me, for more hours than I'm used to.

This morning when I came in it was working fine, so everything's cool and groovy. I had a bit of a panic earlier on when it started getting real slow, but it's working fine now. Fingers crossed.

It's the 21st of March so it's the official first day of Spring. I haven't done a thing of course, but I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to work in a bar, it's the perfect thing for me. Imagine all the stuff I'll have to write about! I'm not really up to the writing with imagination and feeling, it's too much trouble, so I need to be doing something that provides me with a constant stream of lively anecdotes that I don't even have to think about.

That I need to save up money for a computer and all that. I definitely want to get my own flat, the place I'm in now is ok, but later on I want my own place. With cats. I have some ideas for photos and a new direction for the blog to take, and it requires that I live alone and have cats, so I have to do it.


Chymera said...

This post is much easier to respond to.

I can empathize with you on this dreadful pain, though my experience with such a foul condition only lasted a couple of hours, and my baby sitter kept me occupied for the duration.

Also good to know that I am not the only one sitting on my ass on the first day of Spring when I should be out fulfilling numerous pledges to myself---so I will simply say--good show! Though I do have excuses: there is snow on the windsheild of my Jeep and no one should drive blinded (though many seem to), and I had a really good movie that I needed to watch (The Constant Gardener) so I make no apologies--my procrastination will just have to wait until tomorrow.

The bar job sounds like a wonderful idea, as you said an amazing amount of material could be found there.

And the mixture of photos, alone, and cats is quite intriguing as well, so thanks for taking my mind off of the TV site though with the mixture in my head I will now have to find someone in the press to drum mercilessly in order to retain my monklike state.

Chymera said...

Well, I just read your remark a few posts back on monks--so now my previous utterance about monkdom in context with the remark about T V'inity really makes me uncomfortable---not I am really going to have to thrash jwcolcing bastard.

Chymera said...

ok that last line should say:
"now I am really going to have to thrash some jwcolcing bastard."

I got really disturbed there for a moment.

Don said...

I have to admit, I didn't know how to respond to this post. Its theme is one you've addressed more than once, so I thought why re-hash old sentiments? But there is something in it which caught my attention. You referred to the Internet as, "my doorway to the world, a wonderful place where I am somebody. A being who matters, where I really exist, more than I do in this so called 'real' world." Beautifully put. I wish I'd said it.

In case you're not catching the mood of this comment, that's a compliment.