Monday, March 13, 2006

A bit more green, and less of the white please.

I quite like the winter, unlike a lot of people. I particularly like it when it snows, we don't get snow where I come from so it's still kind of a novelty to me.

But, at a certain point in time it gets to be enough already. I get tired of being cold, having to wear my gloves and dorky hat, which I look like a dickhead in, lacing and unlacing those big boots everytime I go inside or outside. I want it to move on to spring.

This winter was pretty dull, it hardly snowed at all, so when we got a big dump of it just this past weekend, I was not displeased, even though it's March already.

This is what I like to refer to as "my" fountain. It isn't founting at the moment, it hasn't all winter, but hopefully they will turn it on soon, as spring should be here. Yes, I finally got my snow photos so now it can begin. I now pronounce it Spring! Snow go away, trees burst into flower and bunnies and kittens come out and frolic and all that.


Chymera said...

Well your fountain is much prettier than the bog across the road from my house. It went from snow to torrential rains here. But I'm sure the season of frolicking animated critters is on it's way to your doorstep soon.

And it is a very nice picture by the way. I think when the lightning stops flashing I'll go out and take pictures of the old man down the road building that stupid boat of his, and all of the crugging animals that have collected in his yard.

Don said...
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Denny Shane said...

It's a very beautiful and nice scene. However, I moved away from snow covered Philadelphia and now live in sunny, never-any-snow Texas. I like the warmth much better! ;)