Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thank you for your application but I regret to inform you that you suck

I received my official rejection today.

Thank you for attending our casting of "Heaven Help Us." Unfortunately, we have chosen another actor for this role. We hope that in the future we can work with you.
Yeah, right. You're dying to work with me sometime, in fact you've already got a role that you think would be just perfect for me. Blrggh!

Not that I was surprised. I would have heard from them already if I'd gotten a role. And I didn't expect to get anything in the first place when I decided to go to the casting, so it's not a huge letdown.

Then I was browsing the Prague forum where I found out about the casting in the first place, and there was this guy, looking for someone for a role in his short film. After they've seen me! It's not enough for me to not get a role because someone else got it, I have to not get it when they don't even have someone else for it! Why on earth could I not have done it? This very same thing has happened to me before and it drives me crazy. How crap can I be?

Oh and he says "American accent preferred".

Fuck, if he'd wanted an American accent I would have done one, he wouldn't even know that I wasn't American. I was considering sending him a message saying who I was and telling him this but I decided against it. I don't really mean to be told that I'm just not good enough, or too old looking. Or that my ass is just way too big.


Chymera said...

An American accent? Believe me there are fifty + of those damned things--I think I have three myself.

Sounds to me like a director looking for his first "blew him to get the role" actress, or one with stupid expectations.

Pirate said...

could be a better role for your ass coming up and you weren't to be tied up with this other project when it came along.

Anonymous said...

When I got out of college I plastered my resume everywhere. At one time I had over 200 rejection letters! It became a game of how many times I could get rejected......Now I look back and laugh at the rediculousness of it all! We are here for a very short time and we need to enjoy what we have and the joubey itself.

Anonymous said...

last comment was from V

Don said...

I think it's important at times like this to keep things in perspective. Hopes are high, regardless of what we say, and when our expectations aren't met, we become angry and frustrated. But once we've calmed down, simple reflection tells us we are dealing with the judgement of others. As with everything, their tastes are personal, and chances are, we won't measure up. So to that extent it's a lottery, and we should not take it as an absolute measure of our ability. But more importantly, especially in this particular situation, we can conduct a Scientific investigation whose results ought to alleviate any negative feelings we have about ourselves. It's simply this: if you take the letters of the phrase 'casting director', you can rearrange them to say, 'rotting arse dicc'.

There... doesn't that make you feel better? Absolute proof that casting directors everywhere are 'rotten arse dicks'.