Thursday, March 23, 2006

That steak was asking for it!

Girls used to be considered cows to be bought and milked, but now, they have officially been demoted to meat. At least according to abstinence only guru Justin Lookadoo.

Students and parents were shocked and outraged when, they said, female students were compared to pieces of meat by a Christian author at a Brevard County high school lecture. A group of students said the speech was biased and made them feel uncomfortable.
Meanwhile, students were split over the message some said insulted female students with statements like "you can kick my woman...but you can't kick my dog."
I can only imagine was this means, as I don't have the greater context but judging by the other shit he said, it's probably not good.
'Women shouldn't be surprised, if they dress like a piece of meat, if men want to put them on the barbeque,'" said student Dana Tarasabage.
Personally I wouldn't touch a steak that isn't buttoned up from neck to toe in demure attire, but that's just me.
'Go out and shop a little longer, there's more fashions coming out that cover your entire body,'" said student Shivani Patel.
I don't know if encouraging teenage girls to shop more is going to solve anything. I would suggest they spend a little less time worrying about clothes and more on actually doing stuff, but that's just me.

But thankfully most of the kids at school aren't brainwashed by the feminazi agenda like me, they actually listened.
"I think his presentation reached the teens. I think it spoke to what they needed to hear and approached them in a way that would make them listen," said event organizer Leslie Taylor.
As long as we keep the bitches in their place, we're doing our job.
Lookadoo talked to juniors and seniors about the perils of boy-girl relationships and sex. The offended students said girls were portrayed as being to blame for boys' adolescent attractions.
No shit Einstein! If there's one good thing to come out of this it's that shitheads like this make their archaic, misogynist ideas so fucking obvious, and that there are at least one or two intelligent girls out there who see through it.
The Foundation said they were surprised by the negative feedback, but are happy teens are talking about tough issues. Still, the majority of students were not offended.
I'm so sorry that some of our girls are hysterical dykes who get all in a huff when compared to pieces of meat. It'll never happen again, I promise. I swear most of our girls are well bred obedient young ladies, like Stephanie,
"I'm obviously a female and I didn't feel like he was bashing woman or men. I mean it was equal," said student Stephanie Hartkopf.
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Chymera said...

"you're a piece of meat. Now have enough pride in yourself to wear a burka and stay away from sex. But if you get raped by any of the menfolk that see you as barbecue then it's your fault."

Did I get the whole message there, so I can run to my daughter with this wonderful bit-o-bull-shit?

I don't often advocate rape---but I believe this fellow needs a little time in a good solid federal penitentiary where he can truly learn what it's like to be considered a piece of meat.

Well now back to my daughter's lessons on how to castrate dumb fucks that think like this guy.

Chymera said...

Oh and Florida seems more and more like a good place to raise a child--why just today they arrested some Nazi bastard near Tampa. And yesterday I heard that hundreds of teachers there bought their credentials--the President's brother is obviously doing a wonderful job on the whole moral values front down there.